Google vs. D’Souza’s ‘America’ Film? An Organized Conspiracy?

Written by Kevin Fobbs on July 18, 2014

Is there a liberal movement at the highest levels of government and media to block Dinesh D’Souza’s movie America? Well, if you are one of tens of thousands of individuals who are feeling you are running into a brick wall trying to find info on D’Souza’s mega hit movie America, you are not alone. According to Fox News, the famous conservative filmmaker also wants to know why his latest docudrama America: Imagine the World Without Her was buried by mega search engine Google.

There has been growing proof from around the nation that the movie America is being hindered by efforts to limit the viewing audience and thus its effectiveness to expose the liberal intent to carry out its shaming of the United States.

Of course this certainly does not comes as much of a surprise when one understands that D’Souza’s movie, which is heading toward $9 million in ticket sales since its recent debut, is irritating liberals and Obama backers who absolutely loathed his first movie 2016. This seems more than coincidental since Costco kicked his highly successful companion book America off of its bookshelves a scant few days after its release.

Just think about it for a moment: it stands to reason that when you are looking for a movie like, say, America, which opened in 1,100 theaters nationwide, you should have no trouble finding information about the movie. The movie’s showtimes, film information should come up easily. This has not been the case for D’Souza’s movie America. Instead, scant information is available. Sounds very suspiciously like a liberal conspiracy.

Yet, the famous author and filmmaker is attempting to be patient about this problem. “I certainly hope this is not intentional. But how long does it take a technical company to fix a technical problem?” He added, “We’re trying to be patient, but this is making it harder for people to get accurate information about the film,” reported Fox News.

D’Souza’s movie is a clarion call to patriots, their families and especially children and young people in America. He spoke to the Warrior Nation’s Julie Prince and Kevin Fobbs on Thursday about the need for America to embrace the truth of its founding values and principles. Perhaps it is these truths and values that Costco and the officials at Google fear about D’Souza’s film America.

In a letter to the company’s chief legal officer David Drummond, attorneys for the film have insisted that the problem with the Google search engine be corrected A representative for Google is claiming the system, “just hasn’t fully updated yet to display show times when you search directly for “America 2014 movie,” according to Fox News.

With a folder filled with excuses, Google cannot satisfy D’Souza with a simple “oops,” disclaimer. In his letter, the conservative filmmaker is demanding that Google provide exact statistics on the searches so that the filmmakers will be able to find out how many users were not able to locate sessions times due to Google’s alleged technical errors.

Despite the possible attempts to undermine the message of the movie at the box office, the word of mouth campaign on social media has been absolutely electric. According to Fox News, thus far the movie has raked in over $8.5 million in what has been a limited theatrical release. What an awesome way to celebrate America. Hopefully and prayerfully, the nation and the world will never have to find out what would ever happen if America did not exist in the future!

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Kevin Fobbs
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