TWEET-TWEET! Israel’s Canary in the Coal Mine–for America!

Published on July 18, 2014

by Michael A. Cummings
Clash daily contributor

What is the Middle East problem, and how should it be resolved?

Conservative talk show host, author, and wise man Dennis Prager says it’s an easy problem to understand but difficult to solve. I don’t know if I agree with the last part anymore, but I’ll address that later. For now, please watch Prager’s brief but imminently clear video from Prager Unversity:

Modern history has witnessed vast herds of mostly well-intentioned politicians and diplomats parachute into the area in hopes of starting, continuing, or reopening “peace talks.” I put those words in quotes because no indication of generational peace has resulted from these efforts.

In the area commonly agreed to as “Palestine”, there has never been a state that was not Jewish. Even if there were, truly, what does that have to do with the Jewish people defending themselves from those who would annihilate them? One day the Israelis were there, minding their own business. The next day hoards of people tried to kill them, and lost soundly. What is there to debate?

Do you know why this is not a dispute about settlements, occupation, encroachment, colonialism, proportional response (love that one), or giving away land for peace? Because the Palestinians, lead by Hamas — an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial — don’t want peace. From their own words: “We love death as much as the Jews love life.”

This boils down to fundamentalist Islam ideology, which no one will ever soften or convert. Christians, if I told you Jesus was just some guy a few people wrote about in the Bible, and was not indeed the Son of God, would that change your mind? I don’t think so. So what do we do?

If you can’t change a person’s murderous ideology, and they’re actively engaged in an attempt to kill you and your family, you have two options: 1) Let them kill you and your family or 2) Attack your enemy until he is no longer alive or has lost the will to fight.

No peace talks, no mid-stream cease fire, no land settlements which will only be rejected…just a simple and direct fight until it’s done. By the way, if that means your enemy uses rocks against your missiles, so be it. Why would you lower yourselves simply because their technology hasn’t kept pace? The sooner you beat your enemy, the more lives you save — on both sides.

Doing more of the same (i.e. peace talks) drives us right into what Milton Friedman called the tyranny of the status quo. In the Middle East, this has been proven to be a bad place to stay.

I am aware of the heavy consequences of such a policy. Israel is often called the canary in the coal mine, meaning that if Israel is destroyed or severely compromised, the entire Middle East falls to the Islamists. If that happens, only bad cultures like Iran and Syria will dominate the area. We can expect an attack on the US not long after.

On the other hand, if Israel continues her successful retaliations, even perhaps using one of her undisclosed number of nuclear weapons, the surrounding Islamist countries will fall upon the Israeli people like an avalanche, and the United States — with or without the support of the Left — will have to come to Israel’s defense. If you think things are bad now…

Please understand how important the Middle East issue is to Israel and the United States, please learn as much as you can about the history of the area, and please pray for Israel and her people.

The gloves need to come off.


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