Happy Happy, Happy: Why Americans Will Never Be Defeated

Written by ++++Allen on July 12, 2014

Doctors say stress can kill; we all have times of stress in our lives. Well, look at our armed services personnel – talk about stress…how much more our men and women in harm’s way on the battle fields of the Middle East. If anyone is going to be stressed, resulting in being a little bitchy or ornery, certainly they have the right…right?

Yet what do you see on YouTube videos? There are hundreds of videos of our military doing parodies, lip syncing, dancing, practical joking and plain ol’ horsing around, all performed with smiling faces as if they were in the lap of luxury while filming. Of course in all reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Others around the world might find this incomprehensible and just plain hard to believe. Yet we Americans can be happy in any s–t hole around the world, and we will still choose to dance. All the happy is a result of our Creator God putting a song in our American hearts and happy, happy, happy oozes out!…we can’t help it, it’s the American spirit, happy comes natural to us.

On the other hand have you ever seen videos of our “enemy combatants”? Have you ever seen videos of them doing funny things, such as laughing, joking around or dancing? …besides the Bachi Boys* that is. No!… their videos–hundreds of them–are of beheadings with a bunch of turds yelling allah akbar-we kill you!

The god of the Koran, who is only appeased by blood letting, is an impossible task master. When is enough, enough? There is never enough blood to satisfy allah. The Muslims blood-loving god-demon is no different than those from the ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures who demanded sacrifices from their people in the form of cutting out the hearts of their victims (Muslim videos show that too.)

Yet, American troops stationed in the Middle East are smiling, laughing and enjoying life, it’s health to your whole body, and it’s biblical. This heart transformation will keep us vibrant and alive long past our enemies’ expiration date when they will turn to dust…we will outlive the Middle Eastern nut jobs. Happy, happy is good, the Muslims can keep allah–go ahead, be miserable all by yourselves.

*Bachi Boys are young men who dress up as women with lots of makeup and girl clothing and dance in front of their men only audience -usually Saudis- then they are auctioned off to the highest bidder for an all-nighter. There are videos of this too. Go to BareNakedIslam.com or YouTube.

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