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Liberal Distraction! Hobby Lobby Vs. Real ‘War on Women’

The Supreme Court ruled, in the Hobby Lobby case, that Hobby Lobby did not have to provide the abortifacients to their women employees, if it violated their deeply held religious beliefs. These abortifacients destroy a fertilized egg and the family that owns Hobby Lobby believes that is murder. There are twenty contraceptives and Hobby Lobby provides sixteen. They provided these before Obamacare even existed.

The ruling was a very narrow decision. It only applied to companies that are a closely held corporation such as Hobby Lobby, which is owned by one family. This stems from the Supreme Court, Citizens United case when it ruled that a corporation has many of the same rights as a private citizen. The Democrats went ballistic and have railed against the decision just like they have railed against the Hobby Lobby case. The ironic thing is, this case referred to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was passed, almost, by a unanimous Congress and signed into law by Bill Clinton, a Democrat.

Is America headed for a recession?

You’ll never believe who was a co-sponsor of this bill. Are you ready? Better sit down. Nancy Pelosi. The hypocrisy is stunning. She held a press conference and complained that “five men” are telling women what they can do with their bodies. Of course, she, conveniently, forgets the Supreme Court that decided Roe vs. Wade was made up of all men. Botox must be going to her brain.

Planned Parenthood has a list it calls “The Dirty 100”, a list were it excoriates companies for not providing the services Planned Parenthood believes a woman should get free and paid for by someone else. Guess which group is on that list? The Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of Roman Catholic nuns who are dedicated to helping the elderly, sick and poor. These nuns take a vow of poverty and chastity. Obama’s administration wants to fine these ladies millions of dollars a year to force them to violate their strongly held religious beliefs.

Why are Democrats ignoring the real war on women? — the way women are treated by Islam. Under Islam, women are treated like slaves. Some are not allowed to be educated, cannot leave home without a male relative, are murdered by male and female relatives, etc. That’s just a partial list. The only answers that makes sense are are that, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”; or they may be afraid of the consequences if they tell the truth about Islam. Democrats leave themselves open to a counter attack over their ignoring the way Islam treats women.

These are just some of the examples of how Democrats miss the mark with their accusations. Republicans have great ammunition to use against Democrats attacks if they would only use it.

In my many years I have come to a
conclusion that one useless man
is a shame, two is a law firm,
and three or more is a congress.

— John Adams



Vic Landry

Vic Landry is a Government Major, Mensa Member and Robertson, County, TX Tea Party President.

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