HUMAN PROBLEM: Despicable Stench of Our Pride

Published on July 28, 2014

by TB Chamomile
Clash Daily Contributor

The story of a woman caught in the act of adultery is not about “unconditional” forgiveness of sins (forgiveness is only one of God’s terms), or unfair treatment as some like to make it out to be. Rather, it is about hypocritical judgement and repentance from one’s sins. Jesus knew the hearts of the Pharisees to be one that sought to condemn others while wilfully remaining blind to one’s sins.

Many of us humans are proud as most people will proclaim their own goodness (Proverbs 20:6). However, the Bible tells us that no one is good, no not one! (Romans 3:10). It is easy for us to express our disapproval of the Pharisees and have sympathy for the woman because of the (just) punishment she was about to face. However, all of us struggle with pride like the Pharisees. We all tend to be blind to our own sins, while condemning the sins of others. It is all too natural for us humans.

Therefore, as humans, we should be relating to how we tend to be quick to condemn others, and slow to see our own sin. On the other hand, we are all also like the woman caught in the act of adultery. We all need the Law and threat of punishment to have knowledge of sin (Romans 3:20). Her heart needed to be broken by the Law to be humbled like the rest of us.

God hates pride. Proverbs 8:13 tells us that: The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward [perverse] mouth, do I hate.

Pride blinds us to our own sins, and magnifies the sins of others.

The Lord resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6). Therefore, if you read the Bible with a proud manner, God will not give you understanding because he resists the proud. Only if you read it humbly, with a broken and contrite heart, will He give you understanding.

Before my conversion, my heart was broken over how I realised I was not the good person I wanted to be. Others around me spread rumours about my character, and I realised they were right. That made by heart contrite. So, I decided to read the Bible, and now I realise it was no coincidence I read Romans. I now realise that God give me understanding of His Word at the time when I was still lost. Had I been proud, He would have given me no understanding, but because I was humbled, He gave me grace.

We have all broken God’s Law (Romans 3:23). As such, we deserve God’s justice which is Eternity in Hell. Two thousand years ago, Jesus, the Son of God, served as the Atoning Sacrifice for the sins of the world. He died so that we would not have to suffer the penalty for our sins which is Eternity in Hell.

You have broken God’s Law, and Jesus willingly stepped in to pay the fine for you. So, if one turns from one’s sins and puts one’s faith in Jesus, one will escape from Hell and be granted Eternal Life by God. For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have Everlasting Life (John 3:16).

So, if you are a lost person who does not know God, we plead you to humble yourself, turn from your sins today and put your faith in Jesus. God commands all to turn from their sins and put their faith in Jesus. Today is the day of salvation. 

tb chamomileThe Beautiful Chamomile is a university student from Australia. She blogs at Her interests are in history, economics, law and philosophy. She loves God, family and community. TB Chamomile believes that only true wisdom comes from God and seeks to lead the way in getting rid of the “cloud of repression” formed by false doctrines of the modern world. She loves fighting the feminists and other false prophets.



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