A MAN CAN DREAM: Palin/Cruz Administrations’ National Emergency

Published on July 28, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

2017 Inauguration: President Palin and Vice-President Cruz declare National Emergency after being sworn in.
They notify all law enforcement officers to deport illegal alien invaders . They direct the Army Corps of Engineers to immediately begin construction of a concrete fence along the border. Mexican government is notified to patrol their northern border. For the first month that southern invaders exceed 1000 we will invade Mexico and establish a five mile buffer zone on the Mexican side of the border where “Undocumented Residents” will be terminated. For 30 days highways leading to the border will not be patrolled for invaders ( to allow unimpeded egress for the invaders ), after 30 days, lethal force is justified for non-citizen invaders.
The arrest of Obama and Holder is ordered based upon overwhelming evidence that they abetted the enemies of the U.S. and violated their oaths of office . Plea bargain offered 20-25 years with loss of federal pensions. All top IRS employees fired ( GS-14 and above ), and priority is being given to searching out illegal behavior.
Notification is given that subpoenas will be issued for evidence and failure to comply will result in charges of traitorous behavior being filed . “Lost evidence” is a violation and subject to life imprisonment, if found guilty of willfully losing evidence.
Congress is recalled for an emergency session . An emergency Attorney General is appointed to investigate judges for constitutional violations. Any judge charged with ignoring the Constitution or legislating from the bench will be invited to resign as a plea bargain and lose their pensions, or if found guilty – the death penalty will be applied for treason .
The Dept. of Education is abolished, and in the spirit of freedom for all, Federal Welfare entitlements are suspended . Anyone suffering from hunger can report to a Federal Work Camp where they can work for room and board. Enlistments to the military are encouraged.
For the duration of the National Emergency, open carry is authorized and lethal force authorized for/against looters.
The President and the V.P. issue a call for prayers that more stringent actions will not become necessary. It’s better to shoot 12 invaders than to have one citizen shot.
The executive order allowing federal employees to unionize is canceled and all federal unions are ordered to disband, and Federal Agencies will no longer negotiate with unions.
President Palin puts V.P. Cruz in charge of implementing the above changes. She impanels Constitutional Conservatives/Libertarians to meet with her to discuss further changes. Meetings to be held her second week in office .
Sarah apologizes to the country for not moving faster, but insists that Congress be involved, and the Constitution followed. She urges citizens to “encourage” congress to do their duty and to pass a balanced budget A.S.A.P. – that job having been made easier by the abolition of the Dept. of Ed. and the abolition of income redistribution legislation that she will send before her first month in office is complete.

Images: Modified from https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Palin; and http://www. flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/8571622706/