Israel, Palestine: Choosing Sides in War Between Good and Evil

Written by Allan Erickson on July 27, 2014

Just a few thoughts for those of you condemning Israel, looking to isolate Israel and separate the U.S. from Israel, part of Obama’s foreign policy.

If you wish to play the game of comparative atrocities, I can show you thousands of photos and videos of Jews being shredded by terrorist bombs and bullets over the course of decades. 

I suppose on that basis I could accuse you of not having any sympathy for the Jews or having any sense of outrage over their treatment. 

But, of course, you would say that is a one-sided, simplistic approach to the problem. 

I’ll say it again and it must be said despite popular opinion: the aggressors in the main are the terrorists, whether they be Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban or any one of a thousand related groups, all funded by either Saudi Arabia or Iran.  They believe God wants them to dominate unbelievers, convert them, or kill them.

They believe God wants them to destroy Israel and rule the world.  There is no room for negotiation simply because they are not interested in a settlement.  They are interested only in conquest.

Consider, Israel has initiated five cease fires during the course of this most recent conflict.  Hamas has agreed to each, then immediately violated each. What does that tell you about Hamas, an organization that pledges to destroy Israel, a group of men willing to put women and children directly in the line of fire so as to win the global media propaganda war.

And you are helping them.

Have you noticed . . .

People watch ISIS terrorists murder thousands of Christians and Muslims from Syria to Baghdad, viewing video of beheadings, crucifixions and firing squads, and barely a word is heard in protest.  No one in Paris or New York or London hits the streets to protest ISIS atrocities.

But let Israel defend itself, taking every precaution to avoid civilian death and injury, even as Hamas puts women and children in harm’s way, on purpose, and the sheep in media and elsewhere come unglued condemning Israel.

It would appear masses of people can no longer differentiate between good and evil.

We ignore the prison camp known as North Korea where people are beaten and starved to death on a massive scale, and condemn Israel. 

We ignore atrocities throughout the Muslim world, and condemn Israel.

We ignore the bloodshed in Ukraine, throughout Central and South America, in Indonesia and in various places throughout Africa, all of it perpetrated by Jihad or by drug cartels or by communist fighters, and condemn Israel, the only prosperous democracy in the Middle East, a country that made the desert blossom, a country that feeds its enemies.

Indeed, we have lost the ability to side with good against evil, and that will be our undoing.



Allan Erickson
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