MONSTER: Glenn Beck Shows Logic, Civility, Compassion Things of Past

Written by Paul Hair on July 20, 2014

Glenn Beck continues providing propaganda for the left through his denigration of those objecting to the invasion of America, and this betrayal shows how logic, civility and compassion are things of the past for modern society.

Beck has stuck to his insinuation that those who don’t support what he is doing for the illegal alien invasion force lack compassion and mercy.

His eponymous website transcribed his remarks from his July 14 radio show:

The government is failing to do their job: justice. And that’s why we’re all angry, and that’s why we’re not feeling a lot of mercy. But that is our job. And if we don’t stand up and become vocal and visible by doing simple acts of goodness we will fail in our jobs as well and our nation. America’s heart is failing. We must do the hard work of restarting America’s heart,

Glenn said.

“If preaching love and kindness and peace…makes one a traitor, then there’s not an America left to save. It’s already gone,” he added.

And although he announced he was shifting the donations of his fundraising to the victims of the illegal alien invasion instead of the invaders when Megyn Kelly interviewed him on her Fox News show on July 16, he maintained his insinuation that those not supporting him lacked compassion and mercy.

I reject Beck’s premises. First, the right has always been more generous than the left. So it’s outrageous for him to continue insisting that we are merciless or without compassion.

Second, the illegal alien invasion force is already being cared for through our involuntary giving—that is, through the government using taxpayer money to care for them. So his continued self-promotion and self-righteousness is absurd. He’s welcome to give, of course, but I resent him continuing to push a narrative that the rest of us are cold-hearted cretins.

Finally, if we look at Beck’s ideas on abortion, not only are we not exceeding compassion norms for illegal aliens but we are far above his level of compassion for unborn children. On the January 22 edition of his radio show he said of a hypothetical woman who is deciding whether to give birth to a child conceived by rape, “But if it is my wife or daughter, I can’t demand that of her.” So he is okay with aborting children conceived in rape. Using that standard on illegal aliens—children and adults being forced on us by way of an assault—we would still equal his level of compassion even if we killed them all instead of caring for them.

Beck’s demonizing of conservatives and sucking up to the left wins him temporary accolades from the left and the public. After all, leftists constantly insist that conservatives are heartless thugs. So to hear Beck essentially repeat the same thing serves to validate the propaganda in their minds.

But the praise from leftists and the public won’t last for long and then Beck will have to attack his own or provide leftists with propaganda again. And that most certainly will happen. After all, he’s already established a pattern of doing just that.

People no longer respond positively to logic, civility, compassion and loyalty. The new rules are that the people who use hysteria, vilification, treachery and phony displays of self-righteousness succeed and lay claim to the moral high ground in the eyes of the public. On top of this, people such as Glenn Beck think it fashionable to take advantage of this perception by attacking their own while siding with those who want to destroy them. Very well. From here forward have nothing to do with Glenn Beck. Demonize him as a monster and end all support of him. Maybe then he will stop vilifying patriotic Americans and reach out to us to find common ground.

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Paul Hair
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