MUSLIMS: Bullying Jews Since 622 A.D.

Written by Audrey Russo on July 23, 2014

The news reports concerning the conflict occurring in Israel right now, might provoke one to come to all the wrong conclusions regarding Israel. How quickly a Leftist whiff of anti-Semitism turns to a stench. The origins of the animosity is NOT Jews toward so-called Palestinians, but rather vice versa…

You see, since the time that Jews refused to accept Muhammed as a prophet of God, Muhammed and his peeps have desired to “buss a cap” in their tukis. And they have never ceased in their violent venture.

What’s going on in Gaza has nothing to do with settlements or land…but rather EVERYTHING to do with Muhammed’s petty hatred of Jews (and Christians) or “People of the Book”, who rejected Muhammed’s self-aggrandizement. 

Here’s the source of the Islamic hatred of Jews (courtesy of “Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery,” by MA Khan):
— Muhammed relocated to Medina in June 622 A.D. (CE) on the background that his mission at Mecca, his city of birth, had failed. He was only able to gain 150 converts in 13 years.
— He began to attempt to woo Jews and Christians by calling Islam a “sister religion” and adopted many Judeo-Christian traditions (fasting, circumcision, and praying toward Jerusalem etc., in order to give Islam an Abrahamic appearance).
— Despite his deceptive efforts, the Jews rejected Muhammad as their prophet. Instead, they became steadfast critics of Muhammad’s revelations, because they had the inner knowledge of what is in the Torah, which Muhammad claimed he brought in its entirety through his Quran. His messages were replete with errors which put Muhammad and Allah in an embarrassing position.
–That rejection set Muhammed on a homicidal course against the Jews (and Christians), which included the beheading of 800 Jewish men and boys of the Banu Qurayza tribe.

And his maniacal minions…the deranged devotees…are ferociously on course, yet again. Their fervor ignited by the appeasement of the “enlightened” on the Left, coupled with the incredible cravenness of the Right. And we in the West continue to receive the fruit of Islam’s heinous harvest…dripping with blood-soaked tranquility…ever since.

So, as you observe the reports in the MSM, concerning the situation in Israel…please do consider: Muslims have been bullying Jews since 622 A.D–so where’s the anti-bullying campaign about that?

Shalom through strength…



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