TOPLESS & CLUELESS: Anti-Gun Protesters Bare Their Stupidity At Open-Carry Rally

Published on July 28, 2014

Leave it to Austin to keep it weird. These women took to the streets of Austin to protest an open carry walk through with a strange technique. See below…

Earlier this afternoon, CATI (Come and Take It) conducted a walk through downtown Austin to raise awareness for the current restrictions on gun rights in Texas. This walk is done monthly, and today’s walk was led by Thomas Jefferson from their Austin Chapter. Anti-gun protestors decided to arrive though, and they conducted their protest TOPLESS!

The walk began on Congress in downtown Austin near the Capitol, and the ladies followed CATI’s members throughout of the day.

These women mentioned “Moms Demand Action” (MDA) petitions according to CATI Austin’s leader Tom Jefferson, and continually discussed the requests made by Target and Chipotle to leave guns outside their establishments, which of course Moms Demand Action was solely responsible for.

But, I remain perplexed as to what the correlation is between gun rights and topless women. If these women want to run around topless in Austin, yes technically it’s legal. But I fail to see the logic or correlation between “bullets and boobs.”

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Photo via BuzzPo


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