UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Barack Obama Leading from Behind

Written by Vic Landry on July 25, 2014

Why is Obama’s foreign policy not working?  Everywhere we turn the world is in flames, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the U.S. southern border, Ukraine, Israel, the protests over immigration reform, etc.  Everything has gotten worse since 1987, when Obama became president.  There is a law of physics that say nature abhors a vacuum.  When Obama withdrew from engaging the world, the powers of evil are filling the power vacuum, such as ISIS and Iraq in the Middle East and Putin in the Ukraine.  The question is why does Obama seem so hesitant to take any action in foreign affair?  Several reasons present themselves.

The  first goes back to the anti colonial leaning of his father as expressed in the book, Dreams From My Father.  Obama’s father was a violent nationalist and anti colonialist. He believed that the problems of Kenya stemmed from the oppression of the Kenyans by the colonial powers.  As a result, Obama believes any expression of US influence is, necessarily, bad.  His disengagement has drawn criticism from the left as well as the right and even includes America’s allies. 

Obama seems like nothing touches him.  His demeanor never changes, no matter how serious the situation.  He has, consistently, gone to fund raisers when confronted with disasters at home or abroad.  Despite claiming not to like photo ops he practices photo ops time after time.  The White House has denied journalists the right to take pictures and, even, excluded them from events and insisted on using White House propaganda photos and stories.  He constantly separates himself from anyone knowing the real Obama.  Everything is scripted and sterile.  When confronted with an inescapable crisis, he seems to think that his words and his words alone should be enough for the masses to believe he has the situation in hand.  He talks a good game but his actions never amount to a satisfactory conclusion. 

Obama has, absolutely, no interest in the nitty gritty actions of a real leader.  He prefers to rule by fiat rather than take the time to work in the trenches with congress. He consistently complains that the Republicans are holding up progress on his bills but when has he sat down and really negotiated with the House instead of lecturing them like a disapproving parent?

Perhaps the greatest example of separating himself from allowing anyone to know the real Obama is his efforts to keep his past a secret.  He has spent millions to prevent any scrap of information about his past from becoming known.  What is he working so hard to keep hidden?  Some say it is his foreign birth but if he went to college on a foreign scholarship, it doesn’t matter where he was born.  He was often referred to as a foreign student.  Thus, if he was born abroad, his eligibility to be president is in question. If he was born in the United States, he committed fraud by accepting a scholarship designated for foreign students.  At any rate the key to his secrecy lies with his college records.  Obtain those records and the world will know the real Obama.

The thing that ties all this together is that Obama just, hates the work that comes with the office.  He enjoys the trappings of office but not the work.  He enjoys going before adoring crowds and being allowed to win at golf because it feeds his opinion of himself. His many vacations keep him away from having to deal with a recalcitrant congress. Finally, he believes he is entitled to the perks of office, just, because is is King Obama.

In my many years I have come to a
conclusion that one useless man 
is a shame, two is a law firm, 
and three or more is a congress. 

— John Adams

Image: http://theglobaladvisor.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/usa-obama-gives-year-end-speech-and-declares-the-world-will-be-safer-in-2014/


Vic Landry is a Government Major, Mensa Member and Robertson, County, TX Tea Party President.