MACABRE: Ukrainian Chick Steals Mascara From Crash Site, Posts Selfie And Brags About It

Published on July 26, 2014

This is just sick: a young woman who lives close to the site of the Malaysia Airlines flight got a hold of mascara from the crash site and took a picture which she posted to social media bragging about it. See below…

Outrage has been expressed in Russia and Ukraine over a young woman who allegedly boasted on her social media site about using looted mascara from the Malaysian air crash site.

Identified as Ekaterina Parkhomenko from Torez, close to where the Boeing 777 hit the ground after being shot out of the sky, she posted a picture of a blue mascara bottle, say reports.

Her Instagram account then carried two selfies taken with an iPhone which were said to show her after she had applied the Catrice mascara.

The caption read: ‘Mascara from Amsterdam, or if to be precise from the field. Well, you understand.’

When she is asked by her own followers if she was joking – and how she got the mascara – she answered: ‘An acquaintance of mine, a looter, gave it to me.’

Mascara From MH370 Victim Allegedly Used On Instagram

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