Utterly Evil: Glenn Beck’s Propaganda for Invasion of America

Written by Paul Hair on July 13, 2014

Using children in warfare is nothing new yet it remains an evil act, and Glenn Beck providing propaganda for the invasion of America with a children’s army is no less evil.

John Nolte at Breitbart News wrote a perfect explanation for how Beck could have given illegal aliens whatever aid he wanted to give them without turning his action into a propaganda victory for the left. But Beck didn’t choose that route:

Like I said, I don’t mind that Beck did. The problem is how he went about it. Beck also went on his radio show to trash conservatives as a whole as looking “like they just want judgment” as opposed to mercy.

Beck’s fans should expect more from him than this. Rather than put himself above his own for a sanctimonious finger-wagging lecture, Beck should be using his spotlight to explain why his fans feel the way the way they do – even if he disagrees with them.

Instead he throws them under the bus for the likes of a Joe Scarborough to feast on. . . .

Most importantly, had Beck just gone about doing what he thinks is right as quietly as someone with his profile could, it would have lessened the possibility of his works being used as additional recruiting material for the human traffickers exploiting these poor children.

Mentioning that human trafficking is part of the alien invasion is not hyperbole. In fact, multiple governments, including the U.S. government, are doing just that. A U.S. Court has even officially ruled that the Obama regime is guilty of it.

Therefore, you would think it would be Obama and his allies that would be forced to be on the defensive. You would think they would have to explain why they have no mercy or compassion. But this will never occur as long as people like Beck continue enabling the narrative that the opposite is true. Leftists will always prevail as long as everyone agrees with their premises.

And that’s why Americans who still believe in borders need to reject the Becks of the world and promote the truth instead. People should adopt the position that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has adopted against those attempting to violate the sovereignty of his nation:

Opposition Greens lawmaker Sarah Hanson-Young, whose party is one of the strongest critics of the government’s “Operation Sovereign Borders” immigration policy, said she had spoken to people inside the center who reported that almost ten mothers were on suicide watch this week.

Fairfax media reported the women had tried to kill themselves after deciding their children would have a better chance of making it to Australia without them.

Abbott said he had not seen the reports but called them “harrowing”, and added that the government would not back down from its tough asylum policy.

“I don’t believe any thinking Australian would want us to capitulate to moral blackmail,” Abbott told the Channel 9 television network.

“This is not going to be a government which has our policy driven by people who are attempting to hold us over a moral barrel – we won’t be driven by that.”

No one needs to lecture patriotic Americans about morality, compassion and hospitality. All these things are already on our side. It is the tyrants and the subversives that need lectures on morality, compassion and hospitality. They need lectures on how evil it is to use moral blackmail and children to wage war. And after they are lectured they need to be prosecuted.

As for Glenn Beck, he doesn’t need any lectures. He simply needs to go away. Being a dupe and providing propaganda for evil is just as bad as engaging in it.

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Paul Hair
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