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What’s Wrong Here? Muslims Take Action; What About Christians?

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

We in the United States have a real problem . Our Constitution and our country are at stake, but in Uvalde, TX voter turnout in a Primary runoff election was only approximately five percent . So Republicans didn’t turn out, nor did conservatives turn out for an important election ( they are all important while our country is going down the drain ) .
Christians also didn’t turn out in droves to vote ( unless only 5 % of Uvalde is Christian ) . Now, I realize that the press tries to trivialize everything that Republicans, Christians, or Conservatives do, a case could be made that we are doing it to ourselves since we can’t be bothered with doing something important – like voting .
I haven’t seen Conservatives or Christians make too big a fuss about all the bad things going on in this country! Why is it that a small army could be amassed for the “Bundy” ranch standoff that was about a few cows, yet there was no militia gathering for a girl that was taken from her parents and kept from them for over a year over a diagnosis difference from the girl’s/families usual treating Physician and a young e/r doctor .
Since Conservatives and Christians are having a hard time deciding to take action, maybe the headlines should be written from a different slant . While I don’t believe that Islam is a religion  but is a cult, I am reminded of a story told by Lincoln during the Civil War . It seems that he had a great little general who was an expert at organizing but had an inability to make a decision about actually fighting a battle, but he could prepare, fortify and make abundant plans that he would never get around to executing . So Lincoln called upon a hard-drinking general, U.S. Grant. He didn’t make the best plans or preparations, he just kicked his army in the butt and sent them against the enemy . I don’t believe he was ever afflicted with the inability to make a decision .
Muslims as members of a cult don’t seem adverse to taking action for what they believe in. Things like killing and beheading infidels/Christians , burning or destroying their churches and swearing their holiest oaths on their Koran and then ignoring those oaths when it suits Islam’s purpose .

I suppose that if we actually want to see some action that we should rewrite some of our headlines to instill in them a desire to take action.
Looking at recent headlines that could be rewritten;
– Justices in 19 States find that Islam must allow homosexual marriage and allow the homosexuals to worship in their Mosques !
– Islam must allow the daughters of Islam to obtain abortions without either parental knowledge or consent . Islam must allow uni-sex bathrooms and provide birth control for all their female children .
– All of Islam must be enrolled in Christian sensitivity classes and pay tithes to Christian Churches for allowing them to belong to Islam .
– They must be understanding when we burn/destroy their mosques for every Church destroyed. 
I wonder how long it would take them to rebel . It seems that they are not afflicted with an inability to take action for what they believe!
Isn’t it a shame that Conservatives and Christians do not seem to share the trait to take action for what they believe in. 


mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….