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It’s Possible! Supporting Legal Immigration And a Secure Border

Remember when you would play the game Warcraft? You’d build up your empire, establish perimeter security, and defend your land. If an enemy faction attempted to infiltrate your land, you’d simply wipe them out. There was no discussion, no diplomacy, no bus rides, no apologies! You’d attack, and deal with any words after the threat to your survival was good and neutralized. Until then, the only objective was to defend the homeland.

I am a Puerto Rican man, born in Puerto Rico, and raised in the Bronx, NYC. Let the record state that I am NOT against immigration. This nation was built on the back of immigrants like you and I. However, I am for the rule of law, and what is happening today, is not within the parameters of our laws. Please read on.

I have always believed that Americans valued the sovereignty of our nation, but this is not exactly true, is it? What kind of crap is going on these days? Did you think the day would come when people could cross the border with impunity? Did you ever think a Mexican helicopter could cross over into our air space, fire on our guys, and then get to go home and discuss it over tea? The answer should be, hell no! The border should be tightly secured, and that chopper should be burning rubble, along with any inhabitants.

However, America has been infiltrated by people and politicians who promote and applaud people coming into the country illegally. If you defend your land from the infiltrators, they call you a racist, and complain about “Murica.” They post pictures of Native Americans with a caption that says, “You hate immigration? When do you leave?”

Let’s make something abundantly clear; most of us are not against immigration. We are against the illegal and uncontrolled breaching of our borders. Sure, terrorists can come in; criminals can also sneak in, but these are not the only reasons that we oppose this. Let’s be real here. We have many people in the U.S. that are homeless and or struggling. Many of them are veterans of the armed forces, families of deceased soldiers, and so on. We also have many children in group homes and the ACS programs. That’s not to mention the average leech that just wants free stuff. That being said, how can we possibly take on thousands of other mouths to feed, clothe, and shelter, while we can’t, or won’t even do it for our own?

I understand that there are plenty of children in the mix, and my heart breaks for them, but we can’t save the world. I assure you that the world won’t save us when we are on our knees. They’ll just pack their bags, and leave to the next sanctuary that can save them. Their is no loyalty, no one gives a crap about this country, but we do. Those of us that are trying to preserve our way of life. We are a nation built on immigrants, and we still welcome immigrants. We just want them entering via a controlled fashion, accounted for, and fully documented. You know, like most places that call themselves a country.

The government is using all these buzzwords to vilify the right. “We have a humanitarian crisis going on, and the Republicans don’t want to do anything about it.” This influx of people didn’t happen overnight, or spontaneously. This was a direct result of President Obama’s promises of amnesty. What else has happened that could prompt this? I haven’t heard any news coming out of central America that wasn’t already happening. So why the sudden rush? It makes sense that it is a response to Obama, doesn’t it?

Speaking for myself, I was willing to reach some sort of compromise in respect to the eleven million immigrants who were in America at that time. However, now with the influx that has arrived, I no longer support any compromise. How do you know who’s who anymore? This has been a deal-breaker for me. It is the quintessential, give an inch; they take the whole country.

If you are equating this influx of people crossing the border to when the settlers came here, then we’d better move quickly to get these people out! Diseases killed many natives, didn’t they? As I understand it, these folks are bringing plenty of diseases to the U.S. Be careful riding that bus or airplane, you friggin’ hippies.

Next came the takeover, right? We did some grimy stuff to the natives. Well, I’m not proud of that, but I’m not stupid, and I’m all for survival. It should be noted that the natives, exactly like us, sought to expand and grow more powerful. They did this via tribal wars, and just like us; they fought and if necessary killed in the name of their cause. So when I see some trash woman desecrating our flag, because we are evil, it really ticks me off.

What happens to us next if we don’t take action? Especially with this absolutely ridiculous leadership that we currently have? Will we be the next Native Indians who will be overtaken by the new batch of invaders? Will we be another Roman Empire, one hundred years henceforth? Will people examine how the mighty United States of America fell? I don’t want that to happen, and I don’t want to contribute to it. The writing is on the wall, ladies and gentleman. There are reports and pictures of U.N vehicles arriving spreading online (unconfirmed), buzz words like humanitarian crisis being thrown around, this all seems like a big setup. 

Recall recently that a Mexican chopper fired on a clearly marked border patrol vehicle? Why are those pilots still breathing? Just like Warcraft, the moment that chopper crossed into our air space, it should have been destroyed. No questions asked. This may have been a test of our defensive strength, and we failed the test.

The continued arrival of people may very well be a test. This could be the equivalent of a person casing your home first. Following, they stick their head into your window, afterwards a foot, later a leg, then you are left wondering who is sleeping on your couch and eating your food. However, if you take decisive action from that first peep show, I assure you that next time they will pick another house.

I hate calling for hard-core action such as blasting a chopper out of the sky. However, I will shoot down 10,000 choppers before I let any of them kill Americans “by mistake.” I venture a guess that the only reasons our guys are not dead is that these guys are terrible shots, or it was just a test. They can only use the excuse “that it was a mistake” for one or two shots, had they sprayed the vehicle then it would be clearly deliberate and hard to deny intent. I have never had any issues with our Mexican friends, but I won’t tolerate this firing on our men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our borders.

In addition to this, others have been firing on our border patrol from the Mexican side. Thankfully, none of our guys have been hurt, but even trying this should be punished with severe consequences. I’m 100 percent for the annihilation of our enemies.

Recently, Obama released five terrorists. This would never happen under my administration. Why you ask? Because those men would be ashes, there would be nothing left to trade. Similarly, I would jail any of the other people attacking us. Then, once proven that they attacked, I’d eliminate the threat permanently. I’d also take extremely decisive action securing the border. Rest assured that only the terribly bold, and suicidal would attempt to cross the border once I built up our defenses.

Allow me to reiterate, I’m not against immigration. I’m against what is happening at our border right now. I’m calling for Obama to be impeached for his continued disregard of our Constitution and the safety of our land.



Angel Rodriguez

Angel is a blogger with appearances on The National Geographic Channel, MTV, HLN, FOX 5, HOT 97 FM, NY1, Bronxnet and many popular online sites. He is a U.S Air Force Veteran, Political Columnist, Musician, MMA Fighter, Foodie, and the Host of The Hidden Report Talk Show. Follow Angel on twitter and most social media via @AngelRdotMe