AHH, SO THAT EXPLAINS IT: ‘Congenital Stupidity’ 

Written by Larry Usoff on August 18, 2014

It probably has occurred to some of you to question how certain people can get to be the age they are, be that dumb, and still survive.  If you will allow that they may suffer, perhaps enjoy, the condition that I have tagged “congenital stupidity”, that could be one explanation.  

There hasn’t been a time that I can remember, and that’s a lot of years, when there haven’t been, as Marxist Vladimir Lenin coined the phrase, “useful idiots”.   These useful idiots are people that espouse a doctrine, a theory, or just a made-up story, and try to convince everyone else that it’s right.  Consider all of the useful idiots that brought the Russian Revolution to fruition and then were murdered by the Stalinists who no longer needed them.

Closer to home, actually AT home, we have the current president who has been elected twice, by promising the useful idiots who did most of the heavy lifting in his campaigns, all sorts of things – but never delivered on most of those promises once he was back in the White House.   A recent man-in-the-street interview in Chicago certainly proved that: those people that were asked about his promises were quite angry that he wasn’t doing what he said he would!   

No one should be throwing generalities around, because sometimes they come back to bite you in the nether regions, but I’m going to do just that.  The president said he was going to bring healthcare to the masses, and what he brought was the destruction of a functioning healthcare system.

Congenital stupidity, or CS,  seems to be alive and well – and growing in the United States.  Look to the west coast, to Hollywood, that dis-organized community that always welcomes the community organizer-in-chief.  They are a perfect example of CS because they believe, or want to believe, that by fawning on the imposter-in-chief they will be spared when/if the revolution comes.  Think that way and you will be leading the long lines to the headsman, or the firing squad.   

For years it’s been my belief that an event is to be created so that martial law can be declared and, when that happens, people of intellect, people of wealth, people with talents, they, having been CS’rs, will be no longer necessary and so they will be terminated.

CS is not confined to the United States, but proportionally, we seem to have a bigger population of them.   In the “Muddled East”, anyone who believes that Israel is the bully in the neighborhood can be diagnosed as having CS.  In Europe, even now as Islam threatens to strangle the civilization there, CS is working.   The Prime Minister of Britain has said that his people should conform to the Muslim way of thinking.  He has a bad case of CS.   In Asia, there are people that believe China is still a backward nation, when all the evidence is to the contrary, so CS is going strong there.

In Mexico, our sometimes-friendly neighbor to the south, their government is really upset about plans to put “Minutemen” on the border, and, to top it all, they have printed booklets telling people how to get into the US, what to tell the authorities and what benefits they will be entitled to.  On our side of the border, we are changing diapers, baby-sitting and having our Border Patrolmen get killed by people that should have been deported, and were –several times!  

CS is running rampant in the world and seems to be killing common sense wherever it takes hold.  Between the useful idiots and the congenitally stupid, the future does not look good from where I sit.

The other day on a news show this comment was made and it’s good enough to bear repeating: “America is a big house and we (the armed forces) are the Doberman Pinschers”.   Could it be that it’s time to let loose the dogs of war and let our enemies know what no-holds-barred war looks like?  It would be a real-life demonstration of that slogan from a motorcycle company, “Go big or Go home”; and we need to show the enemy that we are not a paper tiger, as we have been marked.   

One experiment in stupidity, that of electing a know-nothing as president, doesn’t mean we’re congenitally stupid as a nation.

Let me drop in a word or two about history. There’s more to history than just a date for an event.  There’s whatever led up to that event, there may be music or art about that event, or later on there might be a film.  If you’ve never heard the saying that if you don’t know about history you’re bound to repeat it, you just did – and it’s true.   The generations after mine are being undeservedly deprived of some history – not just American history, but things that happened in the world.  History needs to be preserved, and taught, or we will be repeating it, and not all of it is good. 

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Larry Usoff
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