GREAT WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT! Perks of a Seat in Congress

Published on August 18, 2014

by Bill Pauwels, jr
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Congress and President BHO are on vacation once again as the world seems to be
in total chaos.

America’s so called “leadership” is again resting up from the tough, first three
quarters of service to “We The People” in 2014. It must have been an awful stressful
85 working days so far this year. Only 28 days of work left for them in 2014.

Last year they put in 126 days of work; clearly, they did such a good job in 2013
they lightened the work load by 13 days in 2014!

For rank and file members, House and Senate current, 2014 salary is $174,000 (not
including perks and benefits).

The average, 2014 median household income in America is projected to be $51,000.

What a club these folks in government belong to and protect for themselves from
“We The People”.

To think during the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin suggested
elected government officials not be paid for their service.

Today we have shameful, abusive government officials sucking the life out of

Sick turkeys!!!!