BACKLASH: Folks Aren’t Liking Facebook Messenger, Experts Concerned About Privacy Controls

Published on August 14, 2014

Facebook is catching some backlash after warnings about privacy with their new messenger app have been raised by technology experts. Check it out…

Facebook has begun forcing people to use Messenger after announcing its split for the main app in April.

Members have been left annoyed and outraged by the changes, and have flocked to the Android app store Google Play to complain.

This is in addition to concerns being raised about the app’s permissions, that give Facebook access to send texts and make calls on the user’s device.

According to Google Play, the app has access to find accounts on the device, read contacts, access the user’s, as well as edit, read and receive text messages.

Other permissions give Facebook the ability to directly call phone numbers, modify or delete files on USB storage, take pictures and videos, record audio, download files without notification, control vibration and change network connectivity.

This has led to user’s complaining the app violates their privacy.

Earlier this week, the app was averaging a one-star rating on the Play Store, but has since risen to 4.1 – this is despite 90 per cent of the first 100 reviews rating it as low as possible.

Reviews on the store include: ‘I DO NOT want this messenger. Seriously. Why is Facebook forcing this on everyone? This application sucks. Bigtime.’

Another reads: ‘Why does it need to have access to your phone data, audio, USB files, and network when you’re not even using it. Oh and it can listen to your conversations and turn on your camera/recorder even when you’re not using it. Uninstalling immediately. Big brother!’

One reviewer said: ‘I like Messenger, I just hope it’s not true what they are saying that it’s not private anymore.’

And another added: ‘Calm down people! Of course it needs access to your camera, how else would it allow you to take and send pictures and videos through the app.’

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