THE COP’S STORY: Police Release Cop’s Side Of The Story In Michael Brown Shooting

Published on August 14, 2014

New information about the Michael Brown shooting has been revealed in the police report to show that it was not a murder, as the Black Panther Party would like to paint it. See below…

Additional information came out Wednesday that suggests Brown’s death was anything but a murder. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson confirmed the still unidentified officer who shot him was serious injured by the teen.

The “side of his face was swollen” after Brown struck him, Jackson confirmed, though he did not offer specifics regarding the officer’s condition.

Police did, however, offer some insight into the events leading up to the shooting. According to reports, Brown was with a friend at an apartment complex when the officer attempted to get out of his cruiser.

The teen reportedly initiated an altercation, pushing the officer back into the vehicle and struggling to retrieve his weapon. A fatal shot was then fired within the car, police confirm.

While some onlookers claim Brown had his hands raised just before he was shot, the confirmation that the officer sustained facial injuries suggests there was, in fact, an altercation prior to the incident that sparked widespread anger in the community.

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