BRUTAL: Personal Assistant Found Robin Williams Hanging by Belt

Published on August 12, 2014

A press conference on the autopsy of Robin Williams has revealed that he was found by his personal assistant in his bedroom, hanging from a belt. See some of the other information below…

Here’s what the press conference revealed:

  • Williams was discovered in his home by his personal assistant
  • Williams had already gone into rigor mortis by the time he was discovered
  • Williams hanged himself using a closet door and a belt
  • Williams’ wife was home at the time, but in another room
  • The preliminary cause of death is “asphyxia by hanging”
  • Williams had cuts on his body, perhaps indicating that he tried to kill himself using a pocketknife before hanging himself
  • Williams was found in a seated position, slightly suspended with his right shoulder against the closet door.
  • Robin Williams had a history of depression