PEOPLE ARE PISSED: NJ Town Upset Over Changing ‘Kennedy Center’ to ‘Obama Center’

Published on August 12, 2014

Why is this even necessary? The residents of this town are ticked at the fact that they are changing  The Kennedy Center into the Obama Center. Let’s see how long before his face is added to Mount Rushmore. See below…

Willingboro, New Jersey (My9NJ) – A good portion of Willingboro, New Jersey is dedicated to late President John F. Kennedy. Residents there can take a stroll down John F. Kennedy Way, browse the stores at the John F. Kennedy shopping plaza and even get pampered at the John F. Kennedy Nail Salon and beauty supply store. Suffice it to say, Willingboro thinks highly of the late U.S. President.

However, now there are some rumblings from the community about the council’s decision to change the recreation center and former school from the “Kennedy Center” to the “President Barack Obama Center”.

“I graduated from JFK back in ’72 so it’s gonna be kinda hard to all of a sudden start calling the school Obama,” longtime Willingboro resident Al said.

According to published reports, the council and deputy mayor say that President Obama had a major impact on the city and that residents actually want the change.

Although, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as some residents like Beulah have expressed their opposition and indifference regarding the change.

“I love my president, I appreciate him, but why does that need to be reflected on the center?” she questioned.

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