CAN IT GET WORSE: Hillary or Warren for 2016?

Published on August 11, 2014

Who could possibly be more effective at tearing down this country than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Check it out…

After Barack Obama, it will be hard for the left to field a presidential candidate who will carry the banner of destructive progressivism with such ardor—an individual whose views are so at odds with everything that made America great. With Obama finally out of office in 2016, who could be worse? Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has a deep well of radical leftists to choose from. Two of the worst possible presidential candidates—meaning two of the Democrats’ favorites—are Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. As bad as President Obama has been—and he has been about as bad as presidents get—either of these potential candidates could give him a run for his money in tearing down America.

While people who love America understandably fear the impending candidacy of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama is working behind the scenes to produce an alternative candidate—one who is not distancing herself from the Obama administration and one who may be Obama’s equal when it comes to destructive progressivism. That potential presidential candidate is Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren’s destructive progressivism credentials are such that she could go toe-to-toe with Barack Obama on most liberal issues without giving much ground. She is an anti-business, anti-military, anti-American environmental radical who thinks people earning minimum wage should be paid as much as the owners of the businesses that employ them.

Warren also thinks college students should be able to go to school free of charge, and does not seem to understand that free of charge means that you and I will have to pay for their education. She also pushes that tired old line about paying women who work in low-demand jobs as much as men who work in high-demand jobs (the old secretary vs. truck driver argument), and the law of supply-and-demand be damned. Of course Warren is pro-abortion, pro-socialism, and anti-Christianity.   In truth, she would make a great president—of France.

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