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SOBERING QUESTION: “Is It Time for Another Revolution?”

Intriguing title, huh?  We are not advocating an armed takeover of the existing government, but rather a good turnout of voters so that the “legal revolution” can take place.  We are, after all, a country of laws, even though the present administration seems to have either forgotten that, and bypasses the legal steps every chance it gets.  The public has to share equally in the blame because they elected, not once, but twice, a man and his administration that seem bound and determined to put this country in the back seats again.  

There’s a few things that bear repeating and so they will be.  First and foremost, if the president’s lips are moving, he’s lying.  Whatever he says turns out to be the opposite of what he does and it bears out that old axiom, “actions speak louder than words”. Everywhere you look in the world there is conflict, and so what does this president do? In addition to golfing, having photo-ops(which he says he doesn’t like), fund-raising and other non-essential things, he not only cuts the defense budget drastically, he sends pink slips to the field, firing soldiers while they are fighting! What an asinine thing, what an idiotic thing, what a typically stupid thing to do…but then, starting from Day One of his administration they have been doing stupid things.

Perhaps the second-most item that bears repeating, and ties in with the military, is this…we have an all-volunteer armed force.  No one is drafted, they join because they believe in this country and what it stands for, or at least what it used to stand for. So, if a member of the military doesn’t see a future in that career, and is pretty sure that if they are wounded, it’s going to be a difficult task to have medical assistance once they are separated, and might even get fired while they are fighting…do you think they are going to join in the same type of numbers that we once had joining? Technologically, we are a super-power, but China and Russia are no slouches in this area, and they are catching up fast.  On top of that, they are educating their people, whereas the United States is dumbing-down theirs.

What good is a sophisticated piece of equipment if the operator doesn’t understand how to use it to its fullest advantage?   Oh sure, we have nuclear weapons that could take out huge sections of the enemies homeland…but they have them too, and they are more than willing to use them, and we’re not.  Once the nuclear offensive is over, and it’s time to occupy the conquered land, is it going to be “them” here, or us “there”?

Non Sibi Sed Patriae.  A Latin phrase which translates to{ “Not Self, But Country”.  Where are the true patriots in America?  Where are the millions that are needed to put country first, above family, above politics, above everything, but the necessary salvation of the greatest country ever to be founded?  They’re out there, but they’re not being heard because government, and that’s both sides of the aisle, is more interested in what the people can do for them, rather than what they can do for the people.  Another thing that bears repeating is that revolution founded this country and, although that was an armed one, we have the ballot to accomplish that, if we will use it and use it honestly.   If your “elected official”, and that includes everyone from the local mayor to the guy/gal in the Oval Office, isn’t doing the job he/she swore to do, get rid of them!  Country first and everything else is second!

Government is like a business, it has been said – and it’s a huge business, but like any business if you have more money going out the door than you’re taking in, that business will soon close its doors.  Is that what you want?  It seems to be what this administration wants because that’s exactly what they are doing.  Our country is over 17 trillion in debt, but we’re sending money to other countries–some of whom don’t even like us!  We also send them things that they really shouldn’t have, and wouldn’t want, but they take it because it’s free!

We are a republic, and we like that form of government, but there are other countries that are monarchies, dictatorships and anarchies, and they like their form of government. Fine, if it works for them, we don’t need to be trying to make the world over in our image.

November elections are getting closer.  Make up your own mind as to what you will do with your precious vote.   Remember, when you’re casting your vote no one knows what you did–or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be.



Larry Usoff

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