DEJA VU WWII : France’s Kristallnacht–Jew-Hate à la Islam

Written by Audrey Russo on August 3, 2014

French Jews are experiencing, in real-time, a solemn occasion that Jews all over the world memorialize Nov. 9-10: Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass, literally “Crystal Night”). That was the fruition of years of vicious, unchallenged, anti-Semitic speech emanating from the heart of Deutschland.

But this time, the perps weren’t Adolf’s assassins and other non-Jewish Nazi citizens…it was carried out by thousands of the millions of Jew-hating Muslims that now reside in France (predominantly the areas surrounding Paris).

It was déjà vu WWII, the French government again taking an appeasement attitude toward the enemies of the Jewish people.

The latest pogrom took place July 13th, when 10,000-30,000 Muslims gathered shouting hateful and violent slogans against Israel and held Israeli flags where swastikas replaced the Star of David…happily supplied by the strong Leftist and Muslim organizations now in France.

The rhetoric emanating out of the mouths of Muslims was chillingly similar to the Third Reich. Similar because Hitler consulted leaders of Islam (i.e. the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Al Husseini) for his “final solution” for the “Jewish problem”. The genocidal chants of “Death to the Jews” were commonplace among the crowd. The protest began at the 18th Arrondissement of Paris (metro station Barbès Rochechouart), and ended near Place de la Bastille. Dozens of windows of Jewish shops and restaurants along the route were smashed and covered with yellow labels saying, “boycott Israel”.

The government banned the next demonstration, but too little too late. Thousands of protesters gathered again at the Barbès Rochechouart metro station. Organized groups attacked the police by throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and by using iron bars. Shops were looted and garbage cans burned. Bus stations and billboards were destroyed.

Protesters came with PICKAXES and ripped the pavement on several streets to throw chunks of asphalt. Then the demonstrators attempted to burn down the largest textile store in Paris, near Barbès Rochechouart, because it carries a Jewish name, Dreyfus-Marché Saint Pierre. Several hundred protesters armed with iron bars, machetes, axes and firebombs, marched to the nearby Don Isaac Abravanel Synagogue on rue de la Roquette. Their shouts of, “Let’s slay the Jews,” “Hitler was right,” and “Allahu Akbar”.

Only six police officers were present, who were promptly besieged.

Members of Jewish defense organizations protected the 200 Jews present inside the synagogue. But even after police fortifications arrived, the synagogue was violently infiltrated for nearly two hours. The Jews locked inside were prisoners of a homicidal horde of Muslims. 

They attacked another synagogue on rue des Tournelles, where rioters threw Molotov cocktails and plundered the place. Then the vandals continued their looting in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Paris. 

Wait, what is that? The aroma of Vichy in the air? Surely the government knew by now that six police officers on hand for what was already a vicious movement would appear an act of complicity with the organizers. (The Vichy government (which succeeded the Third Reich in France) was complicit with Nazi Germany.)

Now, the blatant venal verbosity of “Death to the Jews”, and “Gas the Jews” can no longer be ignored or eschewed as fringe lunacy. It couldn’t be more sober in its intent… 

If we take history with a grain of sobriety…we will take the Parisian Muslim threats and intents to be reliable. 

Isn’t this Kristallnacht déjà vu REMINDER ENOUGH, that those who feed on a daily fare of hate will eventually take that hatred to its expected end? 

For the sake of the Jewish people…and free people everywhere…I pray so.
Am Israel Chai…The people of Israel Live!!

Shalom through strength...



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