Disgusting Arab Killers Wreak Havoc On African Animals During A ‘Safari’ (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Written by Gayne C. Young on August 26, 2014

Green Mile Safari, a hunting outfit owned by people in the United Arab Emirates, has taking hunting to a new low.

So low in fact that the outfit’s actions have earned them condemnation from the world’s top hunt conservation organizations and resulted in them being kicked out of Tanzania.

The video, which was meant as a promotional tool, shows individuals hunting with automatic weapons, hunting female and young animals, using vehicles to chase and knock down animals and hunting protected species.  All of these are illegal – and unethical – in Tanzania.

The video first turned stomachs in March when a copy made its way to Dallas Safari Club.  The hunt conservation organization, according to its press release, “contacted Tanzania’s new Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources, the Honorable Lazaro S. Nyalandu, to express indignation over the safari company’s apparent misconduct.”

Green Mile was kicked out of Tanzania after Nyalandu showed the DVD in Tanzania’s Parliament.

Unfortunately, and in a move that gives ethical hunters everywhere a black eye, Green Mile is fighting their removal.  They have announced they’ll be suing Tanzania in due time.

What a sick bunch!




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