THE UK GATEWAY: Guess How Many Young Brits A Week Become ISIS Terrorists

Published on August 26, 2014

This is what ‘tolerance’ produces in the UK. Check it out…

It is known simply as the ‘Gateway to Jihad’.

This is the wide open stretch of rugged Turkish border where an average of seven Britons a week are crossing over to Syria and Iraq.

It is the same route used by the Cardiff trio who appeared on a jihad recruitment video, a one-time rapper, a computer hacker and one-time privately educated college boy – all of whom are now at the centre of British investigations as they boast on Twitter of their exploits.

As the Mail witnessed, it is an alarmingly easy route to terror where border guards can turn a blind eye for as little as ten US dollars and an estimated 20 foreign recruits are travelling each day.

Up to 1,000 Britons and UK residents have now joined the extremists spreading terror across Syria and Iraq – more than double as many as the Government admits, according to security sources.

Disturbingly, intelligence agencies believe that the number of UK recruits travelling through this alarmingly open ‘gateway’ to IS strongholds of northern Syria is increasing since the self-proclaimed creation of a caliphate stretching from Syria to Iraq.

It is no coincidence that virtually all the young radicalised Britons have joined up by crossing this porous, poorly policed Turkish border of mountain passes and plains without confronting security.

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