EVIL WHITEY’S: St. Louis Tea Party Helps Ferguson Businesses That Were Destroyed In Riots

Published on August 28, 2014

Instead of inciting violence that hurts their own communities with looting and vandalism, these people are actually helping small businesses. The St. Louis Tea Party group went in to help the businesses that were hit the hardest during the Ferguson Riots. Check it out from Tea Party News Network

The pro-Constitution, pro-freedom Americans organized a BUYcott in Ferguson. There were no rallies. There were no speeches. There were no signs. There were no bumper stickers being handed it. This was simply neighbors from a nearby town getting together to help those whose businesses, many of them black owned businesses, had been ransacked, looted, and, for many, destroyed during the Ferguson riots. 

They spread the word of the event, which took place on the 21st from 5 pm until 6:30 pm, on the Facebook page with the following description.

Dozens of Ferguson businesses have suffered damage. Not only do those businesses need healing, their customers need their services.We can help. BUYcott Ferguson.

Just as we helped Whole Foods by BUYcotting September 1, 2009, we can help small businesses in Ferguson by BUYcotting Thursday, August 21, 5 to 6:30 pm.

After the BUYcott, there was an article posted on HennessysView.com about their experience. Bill Hennessy opened up with who they are and why the group chose to do what it did.

You can’t change the world in your living room.

That’s why a small band of (mostly) white people from (mostly) West County drove to Ferguson (and Dellwood) to shop tonight.

We targeted the small businesses that were hit hard by violence–violence committed (mostly) by out of town agitators, criminals, vandals, and hooligans.

We drove to Ferguson to make two statements with our actions: 1) Ferguson is OUR community, and 2) Ferguson is open for business.