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‘GENTLE GIANT’: Mike Brown’s VERY Explicit Rap Songs Praising Drugs, Drinking, Ho’s & Murder

Well, this kind of destroys the ‘gentle giant’ narrative spun in the media. Here are some of his songs with the lyrics underneath via Soopermexican:

Shit Talka:

The chorus is taken from the popular song, “Bad Boys,” but instead they sing, “shit talker, shit talker, whatcha gonna do? when a real killa killa come for you?”

SMH Luh Vee:

Here are some lyrics, as far as I could decipher them, from this song:

I’ll be counting money by myself
I’m a rich nigga so I got that wealth
I fuck three [???] hos by myself
While I’m smoking on this [!?!?]

When the sun goes down
You in trouble now


This song references someone having intercourse with “niggas” who don’t really care about her and take her paycheck.

Smoking on this dope, till I choke
Motherfucker, fuck you and your opinions

Do you do smoke weed, keep doing what you do best

Jennings Station Road Freestyle:

This one specifically talks about killing people and how fun it is. The main rapper talks about how his favorite part of killing people is when they hit the ground.

Every time I call your bitch I make her cum
And when she comes I’m cumming all over her tush
I beat that pussy up
I’m smoking purple
I roll fat blunts they look just like my thumb

While I bless him with a dick on his face

08/05/14 Free$tyle Big’Mike:

In this rap song, one of the rappers talks about killing someone and seeing them “layin’ across the street.” The victim is said to be “mashed up and black” like a goblin so “there ain’t describing him.”

With this Glock in your face
And you betta not make a sound
And I only like white men on my money [???] Those who are last shall be first,
Whites on the bottom

He musta walked up and unloaded because there was no stopping him
Somebody else layin’ across the street, must be his partner


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