NEW EVIDENCE: Eye Witness of Mike Brown Shooting States, “Brown Doubled Back Toward Police”

Published on August 16, 2014

Listen to this powerful, eye-witness account that is completely contradictory to the story the media is feeding us about the Michael Brown shooting…

If anyone has the audio software to clear up the foreground, and distracting screams in the background, and focus in on that off camera two party conversation it would be very beneficial.   It would be specifically beneficial because what the eye witness is describing immediately after the shooting is in direct alignment with a second party statement from a friend of Officer Darren Wilson.

FIRST, The friend describes the event –as told to her by Wilson– as follows:

And then Michael just bum-rushes him and shoves him back into his car. Punches him in the face and them Darren grabs for his gun. Michael grabbed for the gun. At one point he got the gun entirely turned against his hip. And he shoves it away. And the gun goes off.

Well, then Michael takes off and gets to be about 35 feet away. And, Darren’s first protocol is to pursue. So, he stands up and yells, “Freeze!” Michael and his friend turn around. And Michael taunts him… And then all the sudden he just started bumrushing him. He just started coming at him full speed. And, so he just started shooting. And, he just kept coming. And, so he really thinks he was on something.”  (link)

Focusing in on the aspect that “Big Mike” Brown initially shoved, then scuffled with the cop, then a shot fired at the vehicle, then he ran, then he doubled back toward Officer Wilson:

The eye witness talking on this video describes the exact same scenario.

Eye witness account starts at 6:28:

#1 How’d he get from there to there?

#2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck – cause he was like over the truck


#2 But him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran – the police got out and ran after him


#2 Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus – the police had his gun drawn already on him –

#1. Oh, the police got his gun

#2 The police kept dumpin on him, and I’m thinking the police kept missing – he like – be like – but he kept coming toward him

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