GRATEFUL: Because of Grandpa and Grandma I Can Do This

Written by ++++Allen on August 10, 2014

These folded flags represent the service of my mom’s parents, members of The Greatest Generation ever.

I never knew my granddad, since he succumbed to his wounds when my mom was a baby in the boomer generation of the 1950’s. He had been a paratrooper with the 101st involved in the D-Day Invasion and later wounded in France. My grandma was an Army surgical-nurse in the Pacific Theatre, serving in the surgical tents adjacent to the battlefields on Saipan and Okinawa.

I am so proud of my grandparents’ and their love of country heritage…and the beat goes on inside my heart, too. Despite the shame of our current administration and questionable current thought, American patriotism is alive and well… and it is strongly revealed in our Armed Forces members because of their selflessness.

By virtue of the bygone era of my grandparents’ generation, life in general was one of self-sacrifice which in part could have been born out of the depression era of the 1930’s. When our men and boys marched off to war after Pearl Harbor’s Day of Infamy and against Hitler and his Nazi’s, our women kept the home fires burning, or came off the farms and left their little generational towns for the Land of Oz where Rosie the Riveter manned the manufacturing jobs. Back-in-the-day, schools were teaching American Exceptionalism–though that term wasn’t coined yet–and singing the praises thereof…One had to memorize parts of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights to pass history class. (Did you have to memorize any of our country’s founding documents in school?…I didn’t.)

With all the anti-American liberal efforts to dissuade and diminish our love of country…they have failed. Love of country is a God-given love that remains intact in me and others, where that love is palatable.

I cannot truly express my gratefulness for my grandparents’ generation of self-sacrifice, or for the self-less generations that have followed who possess that same love-of-country burning in their hearts, too. As a result of the sacrifices that came from lovers of America, I possess the privileges I have today. I can go to church on Sundays without fear of arrest…..I possess the privilege of BBQ’g, when I want and what I want. I have the privilege of going to the beach anytime I want….I have the right to bear arms, all though somewhat stomped on. I also have the right to write this article without censoring….And I have the right to watch whatever on the net and TV, if I so choose. Plainly put, I breathe freedom air.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, grandpa and grandma–who came home from the war–and thank you to the hundreds of thousands who have served my country from its inception…and especially to those who paid so costly a sacrifice laid upon the altar of freedom.

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