WEIRD: Why Is Obama Vacationing In The Whitest Place On The Planet?

Published on August 10, 2014

Mark Levin brings up a good point: why is Obama vacationing at the whitest place on Earth? I think his white privilege is showing…

While President Barack Obama made plans to spend the next two weeks primarily at Martha’s Vineyard, radio host Mark Levin addressed the commander-in-chief’s choice of vacation spots, as a bastion of “the whitest place on Earth.”

Levin wondered that Obama doesn’t vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands instead, saying on hisFriday show, “I think they say about Martha’s Vineyard – for all you racialists and race-baiters out there – I think they say it’s the whitest place on Earth.”

And we know how you hate whites,” he continued. “He talks race, he uses race, he pushes race. Vacation? Martha’s Vineyard?”

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