OOPS: Loose Ends Obama Didn’t Get To Before His Vacation

Written by Teri O'Brien on August 14, 2014

You know how it is when you’re rushing around, trying to get out of the office for your long-awaited and anticipated vacation? OK, maybe you don’t remember what that was like back in the day, pre-Obama economy, when you could actually take a vacation, and even had a job, instead of a taking a “stay-cation,” trying to convince the kids that the sprinkler and Slip-and-Slide contraption you rigged up was better than any hotel water park, and explaining to your wife that once you filled up the bathtub with warm water and Calgon, she’d think she was at that exclusive spa she saw in a magazine. Here’s what it was like. You’re still at the office in body, but your mind and spirit have left the building. You get to the important things, the high-priority items, but there are always going to be a few loose ends that slip through the cracks.

That’s got to be how it was for our esteemed Dear Reader, Barack Hussein Obama, before he jetted off to his 15-day excursion in one of the most exclusive playgrounds of the rich, Martha’s Vineyard, where he and his wife, America’s number one self-appointed health, fitness and nutrition expert, are staying at a place even better than that Holiday Inn that you used to be able to afford. They are inhabiting a 17-room house, worth an estimated $12 million, featuring a dual basketball-tennis court, an indoor gym, and lots of other stuff that a mouth-breathing peasant like you has no business touching. Reparations have to start somewhere, Junior, and Barack, Michelle, Mother Robinson and the Obama princesses are more than happy to help expiate the guilt of racist Amerikkka. 

So, while Barack did manage to comment on the suicide of comedian Robin Williams and to insinuate himself into a local law enforcement matter in Missouri before heading out to his well-deserved break, there were a few things left in his in box. Of course, there is the illegal alien invasion along our southern border, and the tens of thousands dispersed into every state of our union. As we prepare to send our children back to school, where they will possibly sit next to “new arrivals,” here to take advantage of their “right” to free public education, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers (thank you, Supreme Court), it’s worth asking what is a greater threat to their health, tater tots or tuberculosis? Perhaps we could ask Michelle, in between bites of those enormous, luscious ice cream cones she loves to eat on vacation. 

There is also the escalating “humanitarian crisis” in Iraq, with thousands of people threatened by a Islamo-fascist death cult, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Does Barack hear the cries of the children trapped on Mount Sinjar, or don’t those children matter? Chances are they aren’t future Democrat voters, so I guess you can see how he might not be that interested in their welfare. The welfare he cares about is the kind he gives to people to buy their votes. 

Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi has been held in a Mexican jail since March, 2014, another loose end left to await the end of the president’s vacation. Or perhaps even then he won’t do anything about the incarceration of this hero who did two tours in Afghanistan, and who suffers from PTSD. I say that because in June, 2014, when Barack Obama met with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, he didn’t even bring the matter up. Aren’t there any terrorists we could swap for him as we did in the case of probable deserter Bowe Bergdahl?

American pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen, is currently serving an eight-year sentence in an Iranian prison for committing Christianity, having been arrested in 2012. While Barack Obama did mention Abedini last February, Pastor Abedini remains behind bars, with members of ISIS threatening to kill him, but, apparently Barack Obama has moved on. Those Martha’s Vineyard greens aren’t going to play themselves!

Then there’s Major General Harold Greene, killed Tuesday, August 5, 2014 in mass shooting in Kabul, Afghanistan. Barack Obama made several public appearances the following day and said nothing about this terrorist attack. After being shamed into commenting by Jake Tapper on CNN and the Washington Post, the One did comment. At least he didn’t say it was “workplace violence“.

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