VIDEO: Sarah Palin Calls for the Destruction of the Islamic State “Once and for All”

Published on August 16, 2014

Sarah Palin has more guts than the cowards politicians in DC to call for the destruction of the “Islamic State”. Check it out…

Now former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is also speaking out in favor of more robust U.S. military action to stop the Islamic State.

Though as a “military mom” she is often reluctant to advocate the deployment of American troops, the former Alaska governor says it’s “[t]ime for the United States Military to do what it’s trained to do.” (Click here to see the full video.)

Telling the president to “Go big or go home,” she says that limited airstrikes just aren’t going to be enough to bring security to the region and protect American interests.

Palin argues that, given their aspirations for global domination, the time to stop ISIS is now, “before we have to stop them anywhere else.”

“They need to be stopped before they accomplish their mission,” she concludes. “Their mission is to kill anyone who won’t convert, and that means Americans, too.”

The United States cannot intervene in every trouble spot around the globe, nor should it, but Palin’s logic is inarguable.

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