I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE: To the United ‘Police State’ of America?

Written by ++++Allen on August 16, 2014

Being of the Boomer Generation, and one who survived the turbulent 60’s, never becoming a “hippie”, as far back as I can remember, I have always loved my country. (Don’t bother posting any hate comments about how you were deep in the hippie sub-culture yet simultaneously loved your country, because I beg to differ.)

With love of country being established, let me move on to say that supporting our nation’s law enforcement and it’s personnel was also considered to me as part in parcel with loving one’s country. Yet what we Americans are observing is a progressive police state with out-of-control enforcers who show a lack of concern for the citizens it serves. We are rarely informed via the evening news of such happenings, yet blog sites such as ClashDaily.com keep us abreast of Crazy Killer Cops, aka CKC stories around our nation. Reports are being told about killings of family pets, who in some cases were at-the -time secured in their own backyards…yet to their demise these beloved family members ended up at the wrong end of a CKC’s 9mm.

It seems that since the beginning of this year I have heard at least 10 or more of these stories, most with dash cam video recording for posterity the morphing of our once trusted law enforcement into something out of a Steven King scenario.

Another recent incident captured on cell phone video was where a man was strangled to death by a rear, naked choke hold in broad daylight on a busy city street from one of those sworn to “protect and serve.” Now, I just saw a Youtube video where some kids were doing donuts in a parking lot and street, again in broad daylight. Out of frame you first hear and then see a police vehicle running-hot into the frame, coming head to head with the thrill seeking kids driving a bad-ass ’68 Chevy Chevelle (high school memories I remember fondly.)

Was what these kids did worth a ticket?..yes. But when the two in-frame vehicles came to a full and complete stop, should the cop have flown out of his patrol car with his weapon drawn?…No! Within four minutes the driver ended up in cuffs. Wow, good thing I never got caught back-in-the-day, I did a few donuts myself…cars were fun and fast back then.

Is all this CKC display of trigger-happy, gun-pulling, dog-executing and running-hot-for-petty-situations a result of government Svengalis?…Are they drinking Kool-Aid with mind-control drugs?…or maybe they don’t wear their tinfoil hats at home…and yes, I’m being sarcastic. Whatever law enforcement’s excuse is, they are out of control. With their us-against-them-mentality firmly in place, I fear things will be getting worse. Instead of a motto of “to protect and serve” maybe a more accurate police motto should be “to dominate and destroy”.

Note: I wrote this article before the events in Ferguson Missouri where now pictures of heavily armored vehicles and military dressed “police” have swarmed this small American town. Again adding vindication to my point here. You may think that in the Ferguson case that the end justifies the means. Yet, let me suggest that these same police tactics will be used upon us, we the people, when we finally are mad as hell and get off the couch to righteously protest actions such as…Obama and his pen…or his illegal-possibly-3rd term, or our open borders. Sometimes the end does justify the means, yet just remember in Obama’s world we are the enemy and militarized martial law is his friend.

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