CARBON CRAZY: RFK Jr Flips Out When Michelle Fields Goads Him About His Massive Carbon Footprint

Published on September 23, 2014

Robert F. Kennedy Jr became irate when asked by a reporter if he would give up using his cell phone and car so that he could combat ‘global warming’. Check it out…

He was a leading figure in one of the biggest climate change marches to date.

But it seems Robert F Kennedy Jr was not so forthcoming when it came to questions about his own carbon footprint.

Confronted by a reporter asking if he would give up his phone and car, the environmental lawyer became visibly irate before grabbing the microphone and accusing her of ‘destroying democracy’ as a member of the press.

The interview in New York yesterday afternoon started with a conversation about the number of flyers produced for the event, which Kennedy Jr claimed was necessary to garner ‘people power’.

PJ Media reporter Michelle Fields then asked the 60-year-old if he has an iPhone or an Android.

Kennedy Jr stuttered: ‘…I have a cell phone.’

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