FAT FRIENDS: Study Says You Ditch Healthy Eating When Dining With The Overweight

Published on September 23, 2014

If you’re on a diet, it probably isn’t a good idea to go out to eat with overweight friends, according to this new study. This research shows that you eat more when you’re around your more pudgy friends. Check it out…

Going for dinner with friends who are overweight or obese will encourage you to gain weight, a new study has warned.

U.S. scientists hired a professional actress to wear a ‘fat suit’ to take part in their study.

The actress was then asked to serve herself a portion of food in front of a group of study participants.

Researchers then encouraged the participants to serve themselves some food, giving them the choice of pasta or salad.

When the actress served herself, while wearing the ‘fat suit’, those taking part in the study opted for the more unhealthy option – pasta.

When she was slimmer, they were more inclined to choose the salad.

Furthermore when the ‘fat’ actress chose to eat a large portion of salad, the participants ate less salad.

The scientists, from Southern Illinois and Cornell universities, concluded the effect is the result of people being less reminded of their health goals when they are around overweight people.

The study authors wrote: ‘The purpose of this study was to examine whether or not the presence of an overweight eating companion influences healthy and unhealthy eating behavior, and to determine if the effect is moderated by how the companion serves himself or herself.

‘Results demonstrated that regardless of how the confederate served, participants served and ate a larger amount of pasta when she was wearing the prosthesis than when she was not.

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