WE FEEL YOUR PAIN: Obama’s Half-Brother, ‘I Wanted Nothing to Do with the Obama Name’

Published on September 17, 2014

Sean Hannity interviewed President Obama’s half brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, and some of his responses might surprise you. Check it out…

OBAMA NDESANDJO: You know, when I was growing up in Kenya, my father Barack Obama Sr., we had a history of domestic violence for seven or eight years. And it was a very powerful and destructive event in my life. Basically I wanted nothing to do with the Obama name for a long period after that because I couldn’t protect my mom. He was brilliant, but he was a tortured man. And it took 20 — 15 years before I met Barack for first time in 1988. And when I write about it, it was a very intense meeting.

HANNITY: You talk in the book how you were more willing to accept your father’s flaws than Barack. By the way I never thought I’d have an Obama on the show.

OBAMA NDESANDJO: Well, I think in the future, you know, if we work — if we work it out somehow, maybe we’ll got some other Obamas.

HANNITY: Can you make that happen? Can you bring Barack with you next time.

OBAMA NDESANDJO: Well, you have to treat some of us nice.

HANNITY: Have I not been nice to you?


OBAMA NDESANDJO: You’ve been very nice to me. And I must admit you’ve been very gracious. And also you’re being a person who is truly trying to understand, understand our family, and I appreciate that. I know you also want your millions of listeners to also understand more because —


OBAMA NDESANDJO: — we want America to move in the same direction.

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