GOAT LOVERS: Check Out ISIS’s ‘Top 10’ Reasons to Join ISIS, You Will Laugh Your Butt Off

Published on September 12, 2014

To think that people are actually buying into this crap is what is truly scary. Check out this hilarious list of reasons this hate preacher gives for joining ISIS via Breitbart

A North-London hate preacher who was released early from Prison in 2010 has published a BuzzFeed style top-ten listicle of benefits of joining ISIS to his thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers. Describing the perks of traveling to ISIS territory, he praises the Islamic State’s multiculturalism and policy of only taxing non-Muslims.

  1. We don’t pay rent here. Houses are given for free.
  2. We pay neither electric nor water bills.
  3. We are given monthly grocery supplies. Spaghetti, pasta, can foods, rice, eggs and etc.
  4. Monthly allowance are given not only to husband and wife (wives) but also for each child.
  5. Medical check up and medication are free – The Islamic State pays on behalf of you.
  6. You can still survive even if you don’t speak Arabic. You can find almost every race and nationality here.
  7. For every newly married couples are given 700usd as a gift.
  8. You don’t have to pay tax (if you’re a Muslim).
  9. No one is conducting business during prayer time. You can see people left their shops opened and pray either in the masjid or near by their shops.
  10. The number of mix-marriages and mix-race children are so high. It’s beautiful to witness brotherhood with no racism.


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