GOOD V EVIL IN OUR DAY: Shane (And Palance) Show the Way

Written by Steve Bowers on September 6, 2014

I watched a few old movies over the weekend. One was Shane, featuring Alan Ladd. Ladd is great, but Jack Palance turns in a very strong and creepy performance, which gently prodded me towards a life of crime (fortunately averted at the last moment). The movie looks like a Charlie Russell painting that moves, particularly when the bad guys are lounging in front of the Mercantile when Palance guns down Stonewall in the mud.

The thing movies do is tell a story. And the stories always come with underlying premises. Good and evil are usually the main underlying assumptions, at least in old movies. After Cool Hand Luke and the Stupid Seventies it became tough to distinguish between the good and bad guys, hence, the distinction between good and bad was also blurred. In Shane the story revolves around the choice people make to live at the sufferance of tyrannical gunmen or whether they will live free, even at a huge personal cost.

The thing in Shane that stands in stark contrast to modern life and ethics is that the “Bad Guy” is really bad and while watching, you become quickly convinced that he has to go. And due to his extremely menacing disposition, you just know his removal will require swift and definitive violence. No half measures will do. If nothing else convinces the anti-gun sissies among us (and Jean Arthur delivers the usual half-baked, unconvincing, unpersuasive and false anti-Second Amendment argument…and she is so good that it sounds much better than when it is trotted out by the usual suspects/sissies) …if nothing else convinces …just looking at Palance’s cheek bones, deep-set serpentine eyes and hearing his weirdly soft speaking voice…will.

And even an intensely and intentionally uninformed Obama voter senses that a pair of .45 slugs from a Colt Single Action Army revolver right through the center body mass is the only way to get the job done.

And speaking of “center body mass”, what caliber was the police officer using in Henderson, Missouri? Whatever caliber was used should be banned from any further use anywhere when the purpose is to protect the public. Not ignoring the huge size of the officer’s assailant, his recent drug use or the fact he was probably “feeling his oats” after robbing and roughing up a store proprietor half his size. The ammunition was simply inadequate. Probably a nine millimeter.

Of course, this ammo observation is only a footnote to the sad incident in Henderson, but again, it does illustrate how political correctness causes dangerous mistakes to be made. The nine millimeter round was adopted by the Pentagon precisely because it was believed to be more “manageable” by women in combat. Unfortunately, its stopping power is limited.

It might be helpful to review the story of how and why the Army commissioned John Browning to develop the good ole’ 1911 .45 automatic pistol to “fix” the “stopping power problem” encountered during the Spanish American War in the Philippines (just another shooting war where our troops encountered crazed Muslims in combat). We should adopt the same caliber used by all those young black men who shoot and murder so many other young black men (and babies) in Chicago, New York and L.A. every weekend, which the Media and “civil rights” leaders/race baiters so effectively ignore.

Whatever the caliber favored by the criminal creeps in question is, it possesses very effective (life) stopping power. It has been conjectured that the officer was trying to stop his assailant by shooting at non-lethal body targets. If this is true, then a larger caliber may have done exactly that…and Brown (the “perp”) would still be happily alive and, perhaps, himself also, having been averted from a life of crime. Maybe on reflection Brown would have been diverted (a practice of criminal court judges of sending nascent criminals into the service instead of jail…a friend of mine found himself getting off an airplane in Da Nang one sultry morning through “Diversion” and it worked well for him) a stint in the Marine Corps where he could have received effective “life choices counseling” by a tough and sharp Drill Instructor.

But this is waaaaaay off point. I can’t help it. Political correctness just appalls me with its innate stupidity and danger. The steady practice by the media and the D.C. Frat Boys of ignoring the murders of hundreds and thousands of “black on black” kids because it doesn’t fit their narrow narrative should disgust everyone.

Back to Shane. (It was hard to get a good cartoon likeness of Palance because he was never on camera for long. I bet the director was afraid Palance would scare the theater patrons if they looked at him too long.) Just looking at Palance’s cheekbones (as opposed to Elizabeth Warren’s, which remain  undetected) convinces anyone that Palance’s character is “EVIL.”

Modernly, the D.C. Frat Boy Keggers cannot recognize evil-doers. The primary reason they cannot distinguish bad guys is because they do not recognize “EVIL”. They don’t know it when they see it because they do not believe it exists, which causes EVIL to be invisible. It’s their IDEOLOGY, which gets in the way. They grew up smokin’ dope and watching dumbed-down Seventies movies which fail to discern evil and its consequences.

Your intellect will lie to you if you allow it. But your senses will nearly always tell you the truth about some things. Like imminent physical danger. When you first see Palance look from under the brim of his hat, you knew he was a BIG problem…even though it was only a movie…even though you weren’t physically sitting with him there in the Mercantile.

Obama and his buddies cannot recognize Evil even when they see Youtube videos of beheadings and hear of hundreds of children suffering the same. They cannot acknowledge what their ideology denies. I don’t want to see any more American troops sacrificed (said sacrifices being later squandered by the White House), but something must be done. (I am of the opinion we should cut the head off of the money, war material, new spare parts for the war machines provided ISIS by the Frat Boys and certain regional leaders, but that’s another other story.)

An illustration of the “Ideology Blindness Thing” was seen the other night when I watched a quote from Brennan from 2011 when he said that “[Frat Boy Keg] policy would not be based on the wild and impossible fantasy of a Muslim Caliphate ever being formed in the Middle East.” His actual language was even stronger. How’s that for “prescience?” These guys in the Administration aren’t mentally defective (maybe), but their ideology is.
(Unbelievably, just as the aforesaid quote was rolling out, one of those news banners was rolling along the bottom of the screen announcing that “Old Ironsides” was being taken in for repairs. “Old Ironsides” (aka, U.S.S. Constitution) was one of several heavy frigates President Jefferson cajoled Congress into funding in order to combat the Barbary Pirates. That’s right…another bunch of crazed Muslims from two hundred years ago. The Barbary Pirates…and we still can’t figure it out.)

This explains why another movie I saw Friday night seems so wonderfully named for our time. It featured a heavy tall actor (who was also in one of the Ladd films) and whose name I’ve already forgotten. The big guy is menacing AND funny (not at all like Palance) and, in fact, while he’s running around trying to catch, kill or trick Victor Mature and Betty Grable, you come to sympathize with him. It’s a whacky romp and its title could easily be borrowed and utilized by any accurate movie about the Frat Boys in D.C. The title, you ask…and I couldn’t figure out why it was thus dubbed… was… I Wake Up Screaming, which pretty much sums up my feelings about the current Administration.

I sometimes read the paltry few “comments” affixed below my sorry essays and cartoons. My favorite thus far is “Steve Bowers is an idiot.” I liked the succinctness. No explanation or factual support…but who needs that stuff, considering the subject?

Maybe it’s just me.

PS: I apologize for any name misspellings. I couldn’t check them. My internet is on sabbatical this morning.


Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.