HOLY MOSES: The 10 Commandments Just Won a Massive Court Victory

Atheists whining over the Ten Commandments monument in the Oklahoma City Capitol got knocked down by a district judge. Check it out…

Another target of atheists is the Ten Commandments, specifically monuments containing the historical laws. Fox News is reporting that a judge in Oklahoma has thrown out a case challenging a Ten Commandments monument that is on the grounds of the Capitol in Oklahoma City.

The district judge ruled that the Ten Commandments monument, which was privately funded, does not violate the state’s Constitution, and can stay.

The lawsuit had been filed by the ACLU, and they are vowing to appeal their case to the state Supreme Court.  They argued that the state’s Constitution prohibits using public property to support “any sect, church, denomination or system of religion.”

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The judge disagreed, saying the monument serves a secular and historical purpose, the same way as the other 51 monuments scattered about the 100-acre Capitol complex.

A second lawsuit has been filed by an atheist group, and all applications for new monuments, particularly those seeking to test the limits of what is allowed, like a monument to Satan, have been put on hold until the case is finally settled.

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