Written by Rob Morse on September 12, 2014

Acting on what you believe is called integrity. It is a good thing. These days we find integrity in unusual places. America’s wealthy elites have spent the last 100 years trying to blur the lines between right and wrong. These days, ordinary people like us know right from wrong better than the moneyed elites and the chattering class. Your judgment is probably more sound than theirs. Let me give you a few examples from our current cultural conflicts.

I want the government out of my bedroom as much as the next guy. But that “tolerance” has limits. I condemn adults using children for sex or selling children into sexual slavery. I’ve written before about the child sex trade in the US. I don’t care who thinks child sex or sexual slavery is an “alternative lifestyle.”

I agree with the cultural attitude of “live and let live.” But I won’t look the other way and tolerate an honor killing. You’re free to call me culturally biased. I’ve been called worse. I don’t condone murdering the innocent in the name of anybody’s faith.

You’re not welcome here if you advocate religious persecution. Murdering Christians around the globe because of their faith is wrong. You’re not welcome in my house if you even tolerate it. I’m very judgmental about the news media soft-pedaling religious persecution.

Now here is a really politically incorrect point of view: I think marriage works. The Elites don’t care about marriage, unless it is gay “marriage.” The financial Elites (ie rich people) can buy off their abandoned mistresses and illegitimate children.

Narcissistic entertainment elites don’t much care about marriage either, unless they can create a press release about it. Academic Elites don’t like marriage because it offends their imaginary plans for society and their sense of “fairness.”

Marriage works for the couples who make it work. Marriage makes most of us extremely happy. A family built on life-long married love is also the best place to raise children. I say that for two reasons; I’ve lived it, and I’ve read the data. Let me remind you that the plural form of anecdote is not data. If that belief makes me a bigot then I am a proud bigot and not willing to sacrifice the next generation for a fantasy of open relationships. Too often, big government often steps in when families fail.

The government does not make us better off by wiping out jobs and making all of us equally destitute. Beware the politician who tells you otherwise. Work has made me rich in money and spirit. I am just “judgmental” enough to want others to have that same opportunity.

We are meant to live on earth. We need material things like food and shelter to sustain our bodies on this earth. The Radical Environmentalists don’t like sharing the planet with the rest of us. They want the planet to themselves, and the bugs and the bunnies. Your life doesn’t matter to them. The environmentalists don’t have much trouble finding politicians who don’t like peons like you and me. In my discriminatory judgmental opinion, it is time to stop committing industrial suicide and live again.

We have the rule of law here in the United States. Or we used to until a few years ago. Your rights stop when you infringe on others. Yes, you have the right to be offended, and I don’t have to care or change my behavior or my beliefs simply because they offend others. We have the right duty to speak out and condemn a corrupt government no matter who is in office. We have the right duty to condemn murderous religions even if others are offended. This is the land of freedom, not free stuff, and freedom isn’t free. Sometimes it is darn uncomfortable.

I trust my neighbors. I think the Elites, the Politicians and the Ideologues are concerned with their future, not with ours. I trust the American voter and the American worker. I trust them to build a better future much more than I trust ANY politician or bureaucrat. I want my fellow Americans to trust themselves. We provide more solutions and improve more lives than any state employee.

You don’t believe me? My car mechanic does more to improve the quality of life in our town than the mayor does. I trust my car mechanic. He does what he says he’ll do. He tells me when he occasionally makes a mistake. Maybe you think I’m just lucky to have an honest car mechanic. I don’t deny it. But my car mechanic doesn’t demand I pay for him year after year no matter how bad a job he does today.

The news media tells us about our dishonest politicians, but we re-elect them anyway. When in doubt, throw the incumbent politician out. I’m doubting more and more.

I’m discriminatory and judgmental, and fortunately, so are most of you.

Image: http://nachalooman.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/condescending-ex-christians-theyre-holier-than-thou/