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IMPORTING EBOLA: What’s That All About?

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

I see where the government has decided that it doesn’t need to take citizens guns away. They are importing “The Rupture”, hemorrhagic fever that  causes blood vessels to rupture internally and you bleed to death. This is called the ebola virus, that they aren’t even sure is a virus yet. The only thing they are sure of is that even with treatment 70% to 90% fatalities occur once infected.

Good Lord, man, what can they be thinking about? They can export a MASH unit equipped for infectious diseases with zero risk of infecting our population. And it was prophesied that pestilence would be unleashed upon the land. Is our government to be complicit in releasing one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse? What could BHO possibly do with ebola to transform our country?
Just in case the immigration crises isn’t a big enough crisis for him to declare martial law (why else is there 200,000 to 400,000 U.N. troops stationed in our country?), they can always release ebola and not stop the spread. That will certainly pacify the country! Dead Men Don’t Revolt!
Why bring it back to a hospitals in the center of the country? Why not to Hawaii where there would still be a chance to contain a breakout if the government screwed up!

How many of you trust the government to not screw up?
I have found that no matter how little faith I put in our government to be honest and to do the right thing, that I always overestimate their ability to live up to even my  low expectations  of their competence, or lack thereof.
Lord, protect me from my sins as I freely admit that only by Jesus’ grace can I come into your kingdom. Lord, I pray, use me for thy will. Forgive me for always mistyping “pray” as “prey” the first time around. Lord, grant me a fair soul to do battle on your behalf, for I fear that I have very little compassion. Lord, I’m not an evangelical as I’ve never tried to convert another. Lord you gave us free will to chose our own fate, and I choose to believe. In Christ’s name I pray for my country and my wife. Amen



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