KAYNE WASTE: Dumb-ass Emeritus, Kanye West, Wants To Know Why Guy In Wheelchair Isn’t Standing

Kanye West is just being his usual self again. This time he wouldn’t start singing a song at his concert until everyone was standing, and calls out a guy in a wheelchair. Check it out…

It was a moment that caused controversy around the world when Kanye West stopped his concert to wait for a fan to get on their feet – before realising they were in a wheelchair

And now new video footage has emerged showing exactly what happened at the 37-year-old’s Friday gig at the Sydney Credit Union Arena.

Kanye stopped in the middle of hit song Good Life and said he wouldn’t continue until every fan in the arena was on their feet, and sent bodyguard Pascal Duvier to verify that the seated fans were in fact wheelchair bound.

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‘I can’t do this song, I can’t do this show until everybody stand up,’ he said, saying fans were only exempt if ‘you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t.’

‘Imma see you if you ain’t standing up, believe me, I’m very good at that.’

When the musician saw a concertgoer waving a prosthetic limb to explain why they weren’t dancing, he acknowledged them, saying: ‘Okay, you fine!’

But when another fan remained seated, he said ‘this is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, it’s unbelievable,’ before sending Pascal to check whether the person was in fact in a wheelchair – which they were.

The German bodyguard, who is often seen side-by-side with Kim Kardashian, confirmed this to Kanye and the musical star kicked into action, starting Good Life from the beginning.

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