SELF-EXAMINATION: Are You to Blame for America’s Demise?

Written by R.G. Yoho on September 15, 2014

There’s no doubt this column will anger many of you; however, I also think each one of us must occasionally ask ourselves if our beliefs and actions are not contributing to the ultimate demise of our precious nation.

Therefore, I have compiled the following list of items that are increasingly responsible for the undermining of America’s great heritage and traditions. These items are not in any particular order. And they are by no means exhaustive.

But I must say this: If you truly believe any more than a couple of the things listed below, then you need to dare to challenge yourself. Take this opportunity to examine and rethink what you believe and why you believe it.

Otherwise, you have allowed your heart and mind to be used and manipulated, thereby becoming a part of America’s problem, not a part of the solution.

What are these things that are threatening America?
— Believing that America wasn’t exceptional.
— Believing that government intervention can right every wrong.
— Believing that the government is taking too much from you in taxes, at the same time you believe they aren’t taking enough from someone—from ANYONE—else.
— Believing that government-run health care will increase your choices, improve your health, lower your costs, eliminate the red tape, and preserve the best health care system in the world.
— Believing that the federal government should have any say in how states and communities choose to educate their young people.
— Believing that anybody has the right to restrict or deny you the legal use of your home and property.
— Believing that any form of abortion should be legal in this country.
— Believing that Islam isn’t a threat to our individual freedom and our nation’s continued existence.
— Believing that the United Nations really wants to do anything to achieve world peace.
— Believing that the United Nations isn’t really seeking to destroy U.S. sovereignty.
— Believing that all forms of illicit drug use shouldn’t be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
— Believing that government can protect you from EVERY threat, to the point that you are willing to sacrifice all of your privacy to achieve it.
— Believing that ANY president has a right to invade your privacy, tap your phones, read your e-mails, spy on the media, or any other similar activities without a proper search warrant.
— Believing that ANY president, of ANY party, shouldn’t be driven from office and forcefully imprisoned for abusing the power of the IRS, or any other department of the government, to punish an individual citizen for his differing political beliefs.
— Believing it was a good thing to remove God, prayer, and the Ten Commandments from our school systems and the public square.
— Believing the grand hoax that man-made global warming actually exists and being vain enough to think that scientists who can’t even cure the common cold could actually fix it.
— Believing that we shouldn’t use every legitimate means available to us in order to mine, drill, refine, and explore for every single one of our natural resources, such as coal, oil, and, natural gas.
— Believing that militant environmentalists really care about the environment.
— Believing that poverty can ever be fully eradicated in our country or any other.
— Believing that people can ever be made equal in their economic and social outcomes.
— Believing that the defense of traditional marriage isn’t a crucial foundation of an orderly society.
— Believing that homosexual marriage will not lead to the inevitable calls for legalization of pedophilia and other diseased forms of moral depravity.
— Believing that our country will be safer by instituting any form of gun control.
— Believing that our nation can ever be safe from attack by surrendering our nuclear arsenal or shrinking our vast military might.
— Believing that America should ever turn its back on Israel.
— Believing man’s origins had anything to do with evolution, instead of creation.
— Believing the government has the right to enforce arbitrary limits on legal forms of political or religious speech.
— Believing that political correctness is actually correct.
— Believing than ANY form or Socialism has EVER succeeded at improving living conditions for a community, a nation, or society at large.
— Believing that any group or individual should receive special rights or privileges in return for their forebears suffering past injustices.
— Believing that our nation wasn’t conceived and founded on Judeo-Christian principles.
— Believing that matters of faith are anything but a force for good in our society.
— Believing that our country’s borders shouldn’t be actively protected and defended from anyone who would seek to cross them illegally.
— Believing that our current path of social, political, and economic policies will not eventually lead to America’s death and annihilation.
— Believing that the causes for America’s problems are merely political, but not spiritual.



R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”