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AVOIDING ‘FINAL SOLUTION’ 2.0: Islam, the Future, ‘Apples’, Pt. 1

Apples. That’s what I keep thinking about these days.

There are many types of apples, just like there are many types of people. Unlike apples, though, we humans are much more complex; divided into races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, languages, regions and other endless classifications. But for this essay I’m thinking of humanity as just mere apples, each of us in our own batch. It is a timeless analogy.

Every batch of “apples” has those that are rotten. That’s another sad and timeless analogy/fact. And so I’ve been pondering: how many bad apples of a certain batch does it take for the entire batch to be deemed rotten or “ruined” and have to be “thrown out”? One? Two? Four? … Two-percent? Ten-percent? Twenty-percent?

How many bad apples of a particular batch do others not of that “batch” have to bite into, taste, pick through, and tolerate, until enough apples not of that batch declare the entire lot “ruined”, unworthy of tolerance? And by “tolerance” I do not mean only pertaining to various ethnic or religious quirks, cultural aspects and abrasions, but the complete and utter destruction of the entire “batch”.

You heard me correctly; at what point do the bad apples among the “batch” become so numerous and/or rancorous that the “non-batch” members, must decide ALL MUST GO? “Go”, as in to exterminate; kill every last member of that “batch” until God, again in horror, must gaze upon the world He created without (this time) 1.7 billion people on it.

For those 1.7 billion people I speak of are Muslims, followers of Islam and its prophet, Muhammad.

(NOTE: Such a course of action I am NOT advocating in this piece, and I hope to God never will be advocating at all, ever!)

But besides me, at what point will other non-Muslims unite in agreement on a systematic endeavor to wipe off the Earth nearly two billion of its inhabitants because they simply see so many among them as “inhuman”; so many “bad apples”, committing atrocities like shooting jew9/11/01, the Fort Hood shooting, selling women into sexual slavery, the Utah mall shooting in 2007, the Mumbai siege in November 2008, the Boston Marathon bombings, foiled plots and near-successes at blowing up airliners and re-enacting 9/11, the New Jersey college student shot to death last month as part of an American-born Muslims’ personal jihad, the public beheading of an English soldier in 2013, honor killings world-wide by families appalled that their sisters and daughters are mingling or fraternizing outside their religion, even sometimes outside their own sects of Islam, facial defilement of women in retaliation for their adopting and adapting Western traits/values, the now infamous beheadings by “ISIS”, the shootings, the bombings, the tortures, acid-attacks, noses cut off by the Taliban, the slaughter of non-Muslims by Islamists (and not just within northern Syria and Iraq).

…Not to mention the threats and intimidation via slithering attorneys and “civil rights advocates”, begging for a reason to file suit against non-Islamic nations’ refusal to bend (over), twist, and mutate their customs to accommodate those so foreign and innately grating to liberal Western democracies; to…well…”submit“, and allow the assumingly slight sting of a blister to bloom into an all-body-encompassing illness, a smothering sickness, tyranny; much like a virus invades its biologic host and renders it so sick to the point that the host body dies.

I have not linked to all these examples to help this piece not be labeled as “spam”, as too many hyperlinks can cause. But I urge you to research every one of these—they are all true, and countless more I cannot take time to mention, let alone contemplate. And besides, if I were to hyperlink to every example of Muslim-upon-non-Muslim assaults, killings, mutilations, and humiliations (“humiliation”, as with the Minneapolis Somali Muslims who demand pork-free shelves in the city’s grocery stores and Muslim advocacy groups demanding Western nations recognize shaira law… Ahh, remember that old cliché: “When in Rome do as the Romans”??) I would be rife with volumes of incidents stacking about as tall as Mount Everest!

We must also admit to incidents of anti-Muslim attacks, killings, and discrimination around the world. They are a stain as are Muslin-on-non-Muslim attacks and discrimination. Although that leads to a semi-digressive point: how many conflicts in the world have occurred, especially latter-day, that do not at least involve Islam to some degree, be Muslims the culprits or victims (those conflicts alone would also be encyclopedic in size)?

Thus extermination; the throwing out of the whole “batch of apples” due to the few who reek and reap such horrors on all those “decent” or “good” apples among their grandad Taxiabatch, but especially on those apples outside their batch…. Be their batch of apples always at fault or not, there reaches a point at which “apples not of ‘their batch'” will succumb to the ultimate and reoccurring horror among human mentality, a “breaking point” in determinations: ALL OF “THIS” BATCH MUST GO.

I hope, and cannot express enough, what I have just imagined will never come to pass. And so I must state again: THIS IS NOT THE OUTCOME I AM ADVOCATING, NOR EVER WISH TO HAPPEN.

As I scour the news (oh-so uplifting) and read of all the Islamic terrorist attacks that have taken place not only since 9/11/01, but well before that, and today’s atrocities, I am left with sickening dread, a curdling shiver, mind-defying, the notion, the idea, and by‒God perhaps final question and/or prophecy: will there be a day, perhaps two, three, four or so generations from now, when there will be left no remnants of one of humanities’ largest cultures and those whom practice it—(Muslims)… To be continued; watch for Part 2

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Nick Taxia

Nick Taxia is a former campaign manager and consultant in Washington, D.C. He is the primary writer and producer of the conservative-leaning satirical web site,, as well as a rising radio personality, commentator, and comedian.

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