AVOIDING ‘FINAL SOLUTION’ 2.0: Islam, the Future, ‘Apples’, Pt. 3

Written by Nick Taxia on October 14, 2014

(continued from parts one and two…)

Redundancy Required:  I and Duh Progressive rejects this course of action, as I −we− will never believe all members of one group are of a predisposition, nature or attitude.  I cannot state this more ardently.)
Yet “in the night visions” I foresee an apocalyptic outcome to the current proceedings of Muslim and non-Muslim worlds; the non-Muslim world eventually uniting in equally unholy, blood-soaked and Hell-bound conclusion to what should be done with this “batch of apples”, whom, as of today, are so out−shadowed by their members, also so rotten, blood-soaked, Hell-bound, in a haze of hate and zealotry bewildering to perhaps even themselves; their hands forcing the rest of the world’s to take on the undertaking of obliterating all of Islam and its followers from the Earth.

baby riflesThe execution (literally) of such an enterprise will certainly not be witnessed in my lifetime  For undoubtedly such an outrageous act of someone non-Muslim, let us say, putting a semi-automatic rifle to the back of a throng of families’ heads and blasting them to pieces in a deep ditch, or resurrecting the Nazis’ infamous efficiency in how to wipe away an entire group of people would require not a calm, collective contemplation of numerous agreeing nations, allied and working together in militarized cooperation, but rather within a total, unfathomable state of world-wide anarchy, brought about by perhaps the mass poisoning of aqueducts with a substance so fierce and deadly to the millions who drink from them (immune to any filtering and sanitation), or the sending of a handful of the world’s largest cities into the sky in one simultaneous, blazing mushroom cloud, breaking through the atmosphere to scorch the face of God.

In any case, for the annihilation of roughly two billion people to commence, I would presume a state of never before seen global chaos, rivaling that of The Walking Dead, or the Great Plague, erupting and proceeding over the course of generations.

This is where we are headed, I fear, but wish so much not to be; yet am consumed by, the inevitability of it…”in the night visions”.


Also in the night visions, I see “a beast dreadful and terrible”, yet so ingrained within (in)human nature…and strong exceedingly.   It devours and breaks into pieces…its hand forced to do so by those whom previously and also dreadful and so terrible had been allowed to speak and act on behalf and consequently represent two billion people, and so indirectly stoked to blinding rage the rest of Mankind, the non-Islamic worlds, to an extent no longer able to distinguish (or more frighteningly so not care to distinguish) the bad from the good, the “rotten” from the “ripe”. 

Thus in the night visions I must see a one-year-old infant.   Her once big, bright, brown eyes, almond-shaped, now ugly in twisted cringe and torn with grief and fright, as her parents lay slaughtered next to the babe; her eyes naturally uncomprehending totally but still inherently aware of the horror —a horror— that has just occurred around her.   Her innate, yet dim, embryonic pleadings for life so blaring…but ultimately lost upon what will be simply perceived as simple, worthless cries and blurbs of infantile aphasia.  Her eyes stare skyward, her tiny hijab ripped away in irrational, yet at-the-time so logical vengeance…a vengeance, unexplored or inexplicable by those who are feeling it and acting upon its ultimate outcome; triumphantly clawing to the top of all Mankind’s atrocities, upon a slick, metallic-reeking wave of so-fiendish yet “sensible” vermilion.  

This baby is of no threat, no malice; the embodiment of pure innocence, like any other baby…yet she still is a baby from “that batch”, ruined by the few among it who were so rotten that they damned her to damnation!  …Perhaps that is what our sick Islamist bastards wanted all along..?  Such a grotesque scene demands the question.

babySo the little babe stares upward, tiny fingers flickering and plump cheeks beholding a looming, swaying silhouette obscured by a hellish, blistering sun behind it.  The human silhouette is accompanied by others, “comrades”, urging him (or her) in a language anywhere from Mandarin to Spanish, Russian, Swahili, Japanese, Hindi, to English, to even, by God, Arabic!  

“It is because of all those who did the things they did in your name that I must now do this to you,” weeps the crying silhouette before her, its heartfelt regret as pointless now as this baby’s life and all her forbears.  …Eventually the silhouette’s comrades urge it to succeed.  So as the silhouette raises its shaking, post‒apocalyptic, tear-drenched hand to the child’s eyes a click is heard, and then the final clatter for the final of “that batch of apples” echoes revoltingly across the surface of the Earth, generations from now.  And so the infant falls, collapses alongside her parents, and “Final Solution 2.0” is complete!

Please, dear Muslims, Islamic “leaders”, do not let your apathy, silence, or even sympathies to the bloody amongst you lead you and your offspring to this.  Do not force the hand of the rest of the world to eventually do this. … A simple little baby..!   DO NOT let these incomprehensible “night visions” come true…for they have so, so many times before.

     “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”.
     Thank you and God bless!


       Nick Taxia,
       Writer, Producer, DuhProgressive.com

P.S. My apologies for being so uplifting!

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Nick Taxia is a former campaign manager and consultant in Washington, D.C. He is the primary writer and producer of the conservative-leaning satirical web site, DuhProgressive.com, as well as a rising radio personality, commentator, and comedian.