BANG: This School Allows Students To Pose With Guns For Senior Portraits

Published on October 24, 2014

This’ll make the Liberal’s heads explode.

Students in a rural Nebraska school district can “tastefully” pose with their firearms in senior portraits used for the yearbook, the Broken Bow school board voted unanimously Monday night.

“The board I believe felt they wanted to give students who are involved in those kinds of things the opportunity to take a senior picture with their hobby, with their sport, just like anybody with any other hobby or sport,” Superintendent Mark Sievering told the Omaha World-Herald.

Parents asked for the change, according to the superintendent, and the board’s 6-0 vote in favor sealed the deal. The rural community of some 3,500 people in central Nebraska, about 65 miles north of Kearney, will maintain its policy of no guns on school grounds.

But the approval of weapons in pictures will likely prove popular in this community, where hunting and competitive shooting is popular. Photos can also include game trophies, like antlers or animals killed.

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