Dear Black People: Stop Acting Like Terrorists

Written by Donald Joy on October 24, 2014

Poor Eric Holder and Barack Obama.  At least they can tell themselves (and their followers) that they tried.  They really, really tried.  In their naked attempt to railroad and lynch a white police officer, Darren Wilson, they used — abused, that is — the grotesque power of their offices to foment terrible race riots in the faraway city of Ferguson.  Now it’s all blowing up in their faces.  That is, in the legal and political senses, just as the exact same tactics blew up in their faces last year in the George Zimmerman trial.

New information about an abundance of previously unknown eyewitness testimony and detailed forensic evidence presented to the grand jury indicates that Wilson’s story is just about completely backed-up by most of it.  There’s a very good chance that Wilson won’t be charged with any crime at all.

Reports from the proceedings have it that seven or eight African-American eyewitnesses, who wish not to be identified for their own safety, corroborate Wilson’s version of what happened, and how it happened.  So do the reported analyses of blood, blood splatter, DNA, ballistics, fingerprints, and shell casings.

In fact, where the shell casings landed in relation to the final position of Brown’s body shows that Wilson had to have been backing away from Brown as he fired, with Brown advancing on him or charging at him.

As he prepares to leave office in disgrace, Eric Holder is a depressed and devastated shell of his former, formidable infamy as Black Panther consigliere to the HNIC.

What a relief.  I admit, it was looking rather sketchy there for a few weeks.  Along with a gaggle of shady characters as alleged witnesses to the incident, offering several shifting accounts portraying some sort of murderous cop, mainstream media outlets were pushing the claim that a couple of construction workers had supposedly been working a mere “50 feet” from the scene of the Michael Brown shooting, and that they saw Brown “surrendering with his hands up” when Wilson shot him.  There’s even cell phone video of the two workers standing next to their truck in the aftermath, one of them gesturing and hollering indignantly about it.  He poses with his hands up, to demonstrate how Brown was supposedly no threat to Wilson.  Problem is, they were actually much further away than the purported 50 feet — aerial photo and video analysis (expertly done by blogger “sundance” at The Conservative Treehouse) proves it was actually over 220 feet.  Despite this huge discrepancy, the bogus “50 feet” meme took hold pretty much everywhere.

Whatever amount of the incident the workers were able to see, their reactions captured on video could also have been influenced by dubious alarms raised by others around them — someone yells out an allegation, and others pick it up and spread it.  Still, their version, combined with the likely coached (by professional race-agitators) statements of other “eyewitnesses,” had made it seem for awhile there like Wilson might wind up indicted.

Suddenly, now, a steady flow of fresh information has blown the usual left-wing racial narrative clear out of the water.  Mainstream media sources are executing an astonishing 180-degree turn on this case, apparently because they know the jig is about to be up, and even they don’t want to see much more mayhem, looting, burning, and random murders, in Ferguson, St. Louis, or anywhere else, as revenge by black mobs for lack of immediate prison or death penalty for Darren Wilson.  The establishment media are trying to let the rapidly-heating air out of the balloon before it explodes.

The racial unrest in and around Ferguson and St. Louis has not stopped.  The general consensus among analysts is that the threat of thousands of feral, outraged blacks rioting and wildly destroying everything and any random white person in sight is so dire and so imminent that there is now a calculated, stealth public relations campaign to leak the grand jury findings to the masses in a trickle that is just urgent and steady enough to stave off a total disaster of Rodney King 1992 dimensions:  By allowing the jarring news about the evidence and likely grand jury decision to seep out to the public in the staccato flow as they have been leaking it, sober officials and media bosses have signaled that they want to prepare the quaking guerilla terrorist armies of blacks for the disappointment that appears to be coming soon for them.  The grand jury is expected to announce its decision within the next couple of weeks or so.  The gatekeepers of critical information figure that if the good news for Darren Wilson dawns on the angry mobs ahead of that time, in chunks, they’ll be less likely to explode in total, widespread melees of wanton savagery if he is no-billed.

I’m not sure that plan will work.  Militant black leaders and activists keep loudly guaranteeing all apocalyptic hell will break loose if Wilson is not indicted.  They either don’t care about facts and evidence, or they declare that the grand jury investigative process is unfairly corrupted in favor of whites against blacks.  As new information about the grand jury evidence is released, the black mobs have begun to violently turn on their erstwhile friends, the media.

I and millions of others wish a vast segment of the black population in America would or could just grow up and join the rest of civilized society.  Yes, there are some bad cops and bad people in power in our society, and some degree of racism of an evil nature does exist.  But our society is recognizing that most of the evil racism has its modern-day stronghold among the millions of incendiary malcontents and depraved violent criminals overrunning most of America’s countless black ghettoes.  They make streets, shopping centers, parks, restaurants, public transportation, and even classrooms dangerous places for people of all races.  They keep polite society and even entire police departments and elected officials in quivering subjugation to their foaming, guttural demands, threats of violence, and actual violence.  They are terrorists.

There’s a new movie being promoted all over mainstream and social media, it’s titled “Dear White People.”  The trailer comes across like the celluloid spawn of Spike Lee and Will Ferrell.  It’s winning big awards and getting raving acclaim.  I admit that the bits of it I’ve seen in previews are wildly provocative and well-executed, to the point of being hysterical.  But as with an artfully well-produced Michael Moore piece of deceptive propaganda, what I’ve glimpsed of it sickens me.  That’s because it appears to promote the same old perverse political correctness; the Leftist narrative about the pernicious pervasiveness of white privilege and all that.  In short, although outrageously hilarious, it seems like it’s just another loooong lecture delivered by blacks, to whites, about race.

That brings us back to Eric Holder.  Back in 2009 he said we were “a nation of cowards” on the topic of race, and that we needed to have “a national conversation” about race.  Well, it certainly can be proven that national conversations about racehave been going on in America since long before Eric Holder’s people realized they could get away with terrorizing white voters, and white people in general.  But I agree that we’ve largely been a nation of cowards about it all.

Whites have been terrorized and threatened into cowardly, silent acquiescence by the likes of everyone from William Tecumseh Sherman to Colin Ferguson to…Eric Holder.  Whites have been too scared of the political and workplace minefields — and the physical violence — to speak frankly to blacks, and blacks have been too scared of being told the honest truth, and of losing the ground they’ve gained, to listen to whites at all.

For this part of my part of the ongoing conversation, I’ll say this — and for once, blacks had better listen:  Stop acting like terrorists.  Besides just being the right thing to do, if whites ever stopped being cowards, there are still far more than enough of us to teach you a lesson.  If you can’t make your case in the arena of jurisprudence, while the U.S. Attorney General is also the consigliere and enforcer for the New Black Panthers, then you have no case.  Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in a justified act of self-defense.  STFU and accept the facts and evidence.

I would think you’d already realize that you really don’t want white people to suddenly get disorderly on you for a change.

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Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.