BOOM: Phil Robertson Stands Up to Defend Persecuted TX Pastors Against Lesbian Mayor

God bless Phil. Check this out…

Parker has relentlessly tried to intimidate pastors in Houston for their stands against her new ordinance that would allow anyone to use any bathroom they feel like using, rather than the one marked for their gender.

She had the city issue subpoenas to pastors requiring them to submit communications, initially including even sermons, that mentioned her administration, the ordinance, or related issues.

Robertson will be appearing at a rally to support the pastors next month.

The momentum is growing on the side of the pastors, who are standing strong and receiving outside help from across the country. They are defended legally by the Alliance Defending Freedom religious liberty legal organization. Gov. Mike Huckabee argued for them on his Fox News show.

And now comes a massive religious liberty rally, planned for November 2nd, just two days before the election. The rally will take place at Grace Community Church in Houston.

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