OLD SCHOOL: Mom Blogger Says ‘Helicopter Parents’ Need to Stop Rescuing Their Kids

Yes please. Let your kids fail and make some mistakes so that they can learn some lessons and responsibility. Check it out…

Jordana Horn, a mother of five, sat down with Ainsley Earhardt to elaborate (video above), explaining that she’s trying to instill responsibility and accountability in her kids.

She feels that if a parent refuses to rescue their child – for instance, by bringing their forgotten musical instrument to school for them – the child will be less likely to make the mistake again.

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“There was a year of every single week, going back to school for something. … It wasn’t really good for anybody,” said Horn, adding that so far, the strategy is working for her family.

Ainsley pointed out that the “helicopter mom” – which refers to constantly hovering over your children – seems to be more prevalent nowadays.

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